Thursday, August 14, 2014

Finley Jane : Fourth Month

Week Fourteen

Week Fifteen

Week Sixteen

Week Seventeen

At her 4 month check-up, Finley weighed 12.12 pounds and was 24 inches long

Sleep has been mostly good to both of us. Finley is still sleeping mostly though the night. She will get up once or twice to nurse, but always goes back to sleep. We did have one 10 hour night! It was amazing... She likes to wake up around 8:00 and cuddle for about a half an hour. She usually takes a morning nap for about 45 minutes and an evening nap ranging from a half hour to an hour. 

I thought for sure she would weigh a lot more than she does based on hour often she nurses! Baby still likes to nurse about every hour while she's awake. I've started offering each side at feeding, and she still wants more not too long after. She must still be going through a growth spurt.

We are still in size 1. I have about 40 diapers left, so she will be starting 2's very shortly. We're going through so man diapers. About 10 a day. For some reason she's been having more blow-outs this month. I bet the diapers are a bit too small now.

This kid is all over the place in clothing. There are still a few newborn pieces that fit! For the most part she is wearing 3 month. Still a few 0-3 and a few 3-6. Newborn shoes finally fit! 

Finley is one happy baby! She loves to be held, and isn't as selective as she once was. She will smile at almost anyone who smiles at her first. She loves to giggle and play games with you. She's still gassy so that makes her fussy.

smiling and giggling
tummy time (mostly)
watching her sister do just about anything
sitting in her bumbo
when I "get-er-get-er"
bouncing in her toys
playing music
blowing bubbles

facial hair
having to wait to eat

What I Want To Remember
how sweet she is when she nuzzles in my neck
the way she rubs her eyes when she gets sleepy
her smile every time she looks at me
the love she has for her sister
blowing bubbles
giggling enough to make me laugh right along with her
how much she loves the water
her bottom lip when she starts to cry

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