Thursday, May 30, 2013

Birthday Parties Of Past {Fourth Birthday}

With Story's fifth birthday a week away (!!!) I've been traveling down memory lane. It's been a lot of fun looking back at her past birthday parties. You can see them too, one, two, three.

I actually did a complete post on her party last year. You can check it out here. I'll just be doing a small recap today :)

Story wanted a Super Hero themed party for her fourth.

Everyone dressed up as Superheros. It was a great party.

Food and decorations were simple. I had grand plans for the decorations. The party was outside and it was so windy. Almost everything I had set up fell down. (will not be making that mistake this year!) Luckily for us, the Avengers had just came out so there were a lot of Superhero themed party supplies. Almost everything was purchased at Target.

Even the cake :)

Her party was a few days before her actual birthday. So like in years past, we celebrated again on the actual day. She wanted waffles and grapes.

We later had a picnic and then ended the day at Monkey Joe's.

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Birthday Parties Of Past {Third Birthday}

Story's fifth birthday is quickly approaching. T-minus 9 days. If everything goes right today, we'll be singing her up for Kindergarten! I thought it would be fun to take a look back at her past parties. Can't help but reminisce. You can take a look at her first and second parties too.

Like the year before, we let Story pick the theme for her party. She surprised us all by wanting a purple, yellow and green party. That's it, just those three colors. Oh, and she requested a peanut butter and jelly sandwich shaped like a heart with bananas. Three was a great year :) We started the celebrations by having a small party at Nina and Poppy's. Nina decorated in Story's colors.

She was really excited about the candles! The cake was home made, if you can't tell. 

We ended the day with a little pool party :)

For her actual birthday we had a cake and presents at our house, just the three of us. 

We let Story pick out her cake. She chose Thomas.

Baby really does love cake :)

About a week later, Jordan's family came to visit!

They brought presents and we had a great time seeing them all! Story wanted to get ice cream.

She also wanted Grandaddy to teach her how to climb a tree.

Birthday girl got all she wished for that year! :)

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Birthday Parties Of Past {Second Birthday}

With Story's fifth birthday approaching, I thought it would be fun to take a look back at her past birthday parties. You can see her first birthday here.

By the time Story turned two we were living in North Carolina. We were also in the middle of planning our wedding. Jordan was still in Indiana. We had two different celebrations, in two different states.

I had to work a lunch shift that afternoon so Story got to spend the time with Nina. 

The decorations were simple and low key. 

We ate and played outside. N.C. has the perfect weather.

Her cake was store bought.

A few weeks later we made the trip to Indiana for her big birthday party. We let her pick the theme and she chose, "Dego, go!" Which of course is,"Go, Diego, Go!"

I can't for the life of me remember where we got the cake.... 

Gift bags for the kids

We had a lot of snack foods. We also had a few Mexican dishes.

Decorations were simple. We had a lot of streamers and balloons.

Baby Story still loves cake :)

I love this photo of all the babies. (we have to take one this year!!! ) Hard to believe they have all grown up so much.

I will leave you with this gem. She kept this mask on almost the entire party. 

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Friday, May 24, 2013

Birthday Parties Of Past {First Birthday}

We are in full party planning mode over here. Story's fifth birthday party is in about two weeks. Eeekkkk.....!!!!! I feel like the time has crept up on me and now all of the sudden it's about time. To top it all off, her first ballet recital is the day before. So.Much.Going.On. I've been working on a lot of decorations and have a few small tutorials coming up. But I thought it would be fun to take a look back at her past parties (and cry hysterically at the fact that this will be her fifth party...)

Her first party was back before the time of Pinterest. I had to rely heavily on mass produced party products and old ideas. As much as I love all of the great ideas for first birthday parties, I think Story's was still pretty awesome.

I had two celebrations for her. The first was on her actual birthday. It was low key. We celebrated at my house with a few people

I didn't have a whole lot of decorations set up.

The cake was homemade, obviously. Ha. And I know, the words are backwards.

Enjoying her bit of cake :)

The real party was a few days later. She celebrated it with another little girl.

My favorite part, and something I plan on using again, are the balloons and how they are taped on to a streamer. I like the effect it had on the room.

All of the cookies, cakes, and cupcakes were made by me. This was pre-Celiac. If I remember correctly, I used Kool-Aid to color the icing.

And apparently, everyone got a candle.

We also had a gift table set up for all the kids. Pretty sure there were a lot.

Baby Story really liked cake. (and still does)

I remember it being a lot of fun to put this party together. It was done on a pretty strict budget as well. Almost everything was purchased from the Dollar Tree.

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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Operation Rainbow Room {Reveal}

After what feels like forever, I'm finally calling it quits in Story's room. I've done all I can to improve it.  I didn't want to do a whole lot to it. Mainly I wanted to buy pieces that would transition to the next house. It will be an exciting day when I can make purchases secured in the knowledge that we will not be moving again. What I wanted to accomplish was a place for everything to go. I don't know about your kids, but mine is a hoarder. She doesn't even like to get rid of trash. I wanted to purge a lot and then have proper places for it all to go. Before she would just kind of shove everything into the closet (wonder where she picked up that trait...) Here is a nice and messy before shot for you.

These were actually taken after I started sorting. The real before was even worse. Just so much junk everywhere. She does have a lot of nice things and was having trouble finding any of it.

Such a difference. What really made the space happen were the ClosetMaid systems. I looked into a few from Ikea but found these at Target to be more in our price range. Not to mention about a mile away.

As you can see, there are spaces for everything. Now, when she cleans her room she knows what bin to put certain thing in.

We had a lot of fun starting her gallery wall. I've had most of these frames for a few years now. I've been collecting them since she was born. There is space off to the left of the light to add more :)

I had a lot of fun working on this room. But I am glad to see it done, finally.

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