Friday, May 3, 2013

Things That Make Me Uncomfortable

Yeah, so I totally skipped day two of the challenge. Not off to a good start. But I couldn't think of a single thing I was good enough at to write a post on, and then link up the post so others could see.

Moving on. It's time for day three : Things that make me uncomfortable.

  • When I have to talk on the phone. Seriously, texting is the way to communicate. I don't like holding the phone up to my face. When I take orders at work over the phone I always feel like they can hear me breathing and are judging me based on the fact that they can hear me breathing.
  • Speaking of work. I don't like going up to a table that is in the middle of a conversation. I have to, it's my job. I mean, most of the time they just sat down and I'm supposed to greet them in 30 seconds and get their drink orders. So I go over and stand awkwardly until someone notices that I'm there. 
  • I don't like being in crowds. When I go to the mall, or a crowded store, or Ikea, I get this nervous feeling and I sort of run through the building, trying to get the experience over as soon as possible. 
  • Confrontation makes me very uncomfortable. There is a scene in, I think, "Meet The Fockers" where something breaks or something happens, but Robert Di Nero and Ben Stiller are fighting. I had to fast forward through it and on occasion I remember the feelings I had while watching it and I break out into a nervous sweat. Another example is my husband's road rage. It doesn't happen often but every time it does I want to disappear in to the passenger seat.
  • I am uncomfortable when people talk to me in general. I would prefer not to be spoken to, unless I know you. Strangers are the worst. 

 My dad giving a speech at our wedding. Jordan's face is my favorite.

Day Three

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  1. faith,
    This makes me laugh because I feel the same way. Especially with confrontations... I get that empty pit in my stomach. I have left the room because I was done listening to others who were passionately debating. Oh and the written words is just much easier than the spoken. It is easier (at least for me) to express myself when I write it down than to speak it.


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