Thursday, July 2, 2015

Story's Seventh Birthday Party! {Ever After High Party}

Seven, she really is SEVEN! She's going into second grade, is a great big sister, and is about to start gymnastics and swimming. She's growing up way too fast!

This year we knew her party would be a lot bigger. She's made a ton of friends at school so the list of guests was going to be big. This was also the first year we'd have the party at our house. The plan was to decorate the inside of the house, and have the food set up in the front room. That would allow the adults to congregate in the family room and the kids could play outside. Of course, it was around 65 degrees and rainy the afternoon of her party. So, we were all forced to cram in the small family room. It wasn't terrible, but I will definitely plan it differently next year!

Every year we let Story pick out the theme of her party. We go all out with party planning, it's our gift to her. She was a bit all over the place, trying to decide. She started by saying she wanted a Princess party and then narrowed it down to a Brave party?! (she doesn't even watch that movie) I threw out a couple of suggestions and her face lit up when I mentioned Ever After High. She loves the show and has a lot of the dolls.

I kept the decorations on the simpler side this time. The main reason for that was because of the custom dress we got her for her party! It took up a third of the budget. I kept the food simple as well because the party fell between lunch and dinner. We had fruit, veggies, cheese, tea sandwiches and chocolate covered strawberries and marshmellows.

Another big splurge was the cake. We had it made from the same cake shop that made Finley's. Story chose the design of the cake and the flavors - chocolate cake with cotton candy icing. It was definitely sweet!

I made a photo booth for the girls. They loved taking photos and using the props. We also had a shoe design contest, bracelet making activity, and glitter tattoos.

As the kids get older, it's harder and harder to take photos while I'm in the moment. I wish I had more to show you! But, all of the kids had a fun time! And Story was really excited :)

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