Thursday, October 29, 2015

Girl Scouts - Daisy - Meeting #6 "Zinni Petal"

I was actually not able to attend the sixth meeting. I had taken two weeks off for maternity leave but our little one decided to come a week later than expected. Luckily I have great parent volunteers who were able to step in and lead the meeting for me!

For this meeting the girls worked on earning their Zinni Petal, which is light green and teaches them how to be considerate and caring.

Meeting # 6 Zinni Petal, Considerate & Caring

Pledge of Allegiance

 Girl Scout Promise

Snack Time/Attendance

Activity/Craft -- Cards for Troops
The girls made cards for troops! They are super sweet!! I will mail them out. The girls received a fun patch for this!

Read Zinni's story

Activity/Craft -- Manners worksheet
There were technical issues so the girls were not able to do this activity.

GS 2015 -- meeting #6 zinni petal:

Girl Scouts - Daisy - Meeting #5 "Sunny Petal"

For this meeting the girls worked on their "Sunny Petal" which is yellow and teaches them how to be Friendly & Helpful

Meeting #5 "Sunny Petal" Friend;y & Helpful

Pledge of Allegiance

Girl Scout Promise

Snack Time/Attendance

Activity/Craft - Helping Hands
The girls made a booklet of coupons. It's to be given to someone who can then cash in the coupons whenever they choose!

Read Sunny's story

Craft/Activity - Sunflower craft
This is a fun craft I wanted to do with the troop last year but ran out of time. I printed off a sunflower template and the girls took tissue paper to make the flower and actual sunflower seeds for the center. 

GS 2015 -- meeting #5 sunny petal:
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Send Homework
The girls are still working toward their "Between Earth and Sky" Journey patches! We hope to have it completed in the next few meetings.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

Oliver Grant Pike

Oliver Grant Pike
Friday, September 25th 2015
6:07 p.m.
6 pounds 13 ounces
20 inches
Successful VBAC

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