Sunday, June 7, 2015

Story's Updated "Big Kid" Room

Story Sunshine is seven years old today. SEVEN! Where did the years go? it seriously feels like just the other day she was a sweet little toddler who couldn't use the potty.... Now she's done with the First Grade and is the best big sister.

In honor of her birthday we decided to give her room a little update. There wasn't anything wrong with her old room. She just didn't have enough space. This kid has got a lot of stuff. I mean, A LOT. Thing is, she really does play with it all. All at the same time. Needless to say, her room is a disaster area majority of the time. Her biggest issue was storage and space. The room was lacking in both. I brainstormed for a while and came up with a solution that seems to be working. Don't get me wrong, it still looks like a bomb went off in there a lot of the time. But, we're getting there. Baby steps. So, we sent her to spend the night with her Great-Grandma on a Friday evening. I went into a frenzy getting the entire room completed by the time she got home Saturday afternoon. It was a lot of fun, and a little nerve wracking.

Let me give you a little refresher on what the room looked like before. All of her old furniture moved from the Townhouse to here. Some of it worked, but some didn't. I didn't really have a chance to do much to her room when we lived in the Townhouse (I'm looking at you, Dirty Neighbors). But, I had completely remodeled her room when we lived in the Apartment. -- You can check that out here, and here --

It's definitely not horrible, just cramped, and not much personality. I wanted to finally add her personal items, fun things she had been saving.

Here is the after! The main thing you'll notice is the bed! We took it all the way to the ceiling. This gave her so much more room for activities #namethatmovie 

My dad gifted Story a loft bed for her birthday! This really opened up the whole room and gave her the added square footage she really needed. We've been really fortunate that every place we've lived has had large bedrooms. This one is average sized, maybe a bit on the small side, but still a decent sized room. It would be great to have a play-room where all of the kids could keep their toys. But the age gap is just too big between the girls. Story is into Lego's and other small things that Finley could and would choke on. Story's room has to be both a bedroom and a playroom.

I was able to put her old school desk under her bed to create a study area, along with a "book nook" as she likes to call it. The peg board lets her add things that are special to her at the moment. Right now it's a few Girl Scout items, her "Dirt Land" flag and the medal she received for dance.

I finally had the chance to hang up her photos! She's been asking about them for months. I honestly don't know why I waited so long. It's super easy to do and adds instant character to her space. This gallery wall has family photos, Circa 2012. They really need to be updated.

Across from her bed I added another small gallery wall. It's a mixture of fun prints she's liked. I didn't touch the closet. I honestly wouldn't of had enough time. She's at this weird age where she wants to do more big kid activities but still wants to play dress-up.

This was really a small scale update. I'd love to do a complete overhaul. That might be something fun to do come Spring. When Story came home from her Grandma's, her old bed frame was in the foyer. She was super confused and I played it up like something really bad happened in her room. She ran down the hall and was completely shocked by her new room. She may have even cried a bit and gave me a really big hug!

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Gender Reveal Party : Baby Pike #3!

We decided to have a small get-together to celebrate the gender of our third (!!!) baby! We had an ultrasound done and asked the technician to not tell us and place the results into a sealed envelope. The plan was to then pick out a boy outfit and a girl outfit. We'd have a sales associate read the results and wrap up the appropriate outfit for us! None of that really went as planned. Jordan peeked, of course. He totally blamed it on Finley. We still went through with our plan and surprised our family the next day!

I didn't really take a whole lot of photos. Kind of wish I had! I kept the decorations really simple. Just streamers and a make-shift sign on the door. I went with "Blue or Pink? What Do You Think?" as the theme.

For lunch I made sausage gravy and biscuits. Everyone seemed to really enjoy it. We don't have all the family over very often. I wish we did though. They're a lot of fun :) For dessert I made chocolate cupcakes with colored frosting.

Yes! Baby Pike #3 is a BOY!!! We couldn't be more excited!!! It's going to be quite the adjustment.

Monday, June 1, 2015

Finley's First Birthday Party

Finley's First Birthday party was loosely themed, "Enchanted Woodland". I wanted to bring in natural objects along with a soft pastel palette. I shopped around the house for a lot of the decorations and the rest are all found at local craft stores.

 Beverages included water with mint and lime ice, pink lemonade, and lime punch. There was also coffee for dessert.

 The food was kept simple with healthy finger foods.

 Forest berries, Arugula salad with a rasberry dressing and feta cheese, chopped beef cheese ball

 Roll-Ups made from this recipe, deviled eggs, caprese skewers and veggie cups

 I went a little crazy with the desserts! But I couldn't help it. I found so many cute ideas.

 We hired a local baker to make the cake. It turned out great!

 Finley's smash cake!

......And Again!

Our family is expanding yet again! We're due with Baby Pike #3 in October! 

Finley Jane :: Twelfth Month

Week Forty-Eight

Week Forty-Nine

Week Fifty

Week Fifty-One

A little over 18 pounds and 28 inches.

She's a solid through the night sleeper!! We still get in two naps a day. One in the morning that lasts about two hours and one in the evening that's about 45 minutes long.


Still in a lot of 9 month stuff. But for her birthday she got a lot of really cute 12 month outfits that fit great! She's in a size 3 shoe.

Baby girl is happy! She loves to play and read books. She's really into dancing and making faces. She's really into learning new words. She's back to wanting snuggles and kisses.

playing "peek-a-boo"
trying to walk
saying "dog"
bath time
giving kisses

riding in the car
being told no

What I Want To Remember
her first steps
all of the new words
playing games with her
watching her read a book
the way she loves her sister

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