Sunday, September 14, 2014

Growing Out Pixie : The First Month

I recently cut all of my hair off. And when I say recently, I mean 12 weeks ago. I'm documenting the progress and process. It's been a difficult journey so far, and it's hardly over. You can check out my other hair journeys here, here, and here.

I didn't get a super short pixie. It did have an under cut and the back hugged tightly. My hair is very thick and semi-coarse. It has a bit of wave and a lot of body.

I'm kicking myself for not getting a photo without the headband. But you get the general idea. You can see all of the layers and how it wraps around the headband. It was also left with a pretty long point in the back. 

If I'm not careful it starts looking like Bob Vista. 

I didn't do anything to it the first month, just let it grow. I'll be posting month two shortly so you can see the progress.

Growing Out Pixie : The Second Month

Hey guys. I cut all my hair off. I'm documenting the progress of growing it back out again. You can check out previous months here.

By about six weeks in I just couldn't take it any more. I had been wearing a head wrap and pretty much couldn't look at myself in the mirror. My husband so lovingly would call me Jane Lynch. I knew I had to handle the party going on in the back.

So I went and had just the tail cut off. I also had it reshaped and trimmed up. It was so hard to watch what little progress I had made be cut off... But in the long run it looked so much better

It's really hard to tell how much it's grown, especially when you look at it every day. My goal for this month was for my ears to be covered.

You can see there are still a few holes that need to be filled. 

The back even got long enough for a few ill attempted pig tails. Story thought it looked pretty silly.The hardest thing about having short hair, to me, is the constant weight on my ears. I don't miss being able to put it into a pony tail, but I miss it being off my ears without a headband.

Saturday, September 13, 2014

I Got A Haircut. {The Evolution Of Hair Pt.3}

Yeah, I got a hair cut. No big deal right? WRONG! :) I went all out and got a pixie! Let me back up for a minute....

Last time I did a hair update I was going blonde. Here is a refresher :

You can read more about my hair journey here and here

The blonde lasted about a month. I just couldn't get rid of the orange undertones no matter what I did. I decided this was the time to try ombre. It was a lot of fun, but did take a few tries to get it right

And there it stayed. I just let it continue to grow, didn't mess with it. 

I got pregnant with Finley and thought about cutting it all off again. I was tired of the ombre and knew the blonde had fried the ends. So I took about 10 inches off and colored it back to brown.

And then it grew, and grew, and grew. I had Finley. Before I knew it, I was pulling it up all.the.time. It was exhausting, and not very much fun to deal with.

You see, I had wanted short hair for the longest time. A "mom cut" as Jordan would call it. He convinced me to not only cut it off, but to get a pixie. So I did.

I cut all of my hair off. I instantly regretted it, and may have cried on the way home. What had I done!? I eventually got over it, kind of. So this is where I'm at. I'm growing my hair out. I don't have high hopes, and I'm not sure what I'm trying to get to. I guess a bob. That's the next stage in the growing out process. That, and the torture of the bowl cut that's bound to happen in-between.

I plan on doing like a monthly progress report. Idk, hair and vanity are weird.