Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Girl Scouts - Daisy - Meeting #2 "Amazing Daisy" Promise Center

For our second meeting, we focused on learning the Girl Scout Promise! It encompasses all that Girl Scouts stands for and is a great starting point. We say the promise at the start of each meeting. It's also easy for the girls to learn, especially compared to the Law. 

Meeting #2 "Amazing Daisy" Promise Center

Pledge of Allegiance

Girl Scout Promise - worked on how to hold their hand -

Snack Time/Attendance 

Craft - Promise Flower Craft
Not our craft. I will actually take photos of our crafts soon!

Craft - Promise Book - (links at end)

Flower Garden Coloring Book

Send Homework - Sheet (link at end), Journey chapters - 

We actually ran out of time while the girls were working on the Promise Books! Last year, we did several crafts and the girls finished with 20 minutes to spare. So this year, I decided to have more structure and activities. I was honestly surprised at how long it took them to complete the Promise Flower craft. My goal is to have them end on working on their coloring book. That way they are quietly working while I can go over things with the parents at the end of the meetings. At this meeting, it was a bit chaotic. I had some girls still working on their Promise Flower and others working on the Promise Book. That meant I had to send the coloring book home, along with the homework. 

Speaking of homework. We are working on our first Journey! The goal is to complete all three and earn the Journey Summit Award! Last year, we worked on a Journey during meeting time and the girls were really bored! It was too much reading, and honestly, took too many meetings to complete. This year, I'm sending home chapters and the girls have all week to read them. This way we are able to devote the meetings to the petals and other fun stuff, while still completing the Journeys. We are currently working on "Welcome To The Daisy Flower Garden". 

I hope that soon we will have the timing worked out for the meetings. I want to be able to complete everything without the girls feeling rushed. 

Promise Book pages

Monday, August 31, 2015

Girl Scouts - Daisy - Meeting #1 "Intro"

Majority of you are probably not aware of this, but I am a Girl Scout Troop Leader! This will be my second year! I started last year at the Daisy (k-1) level. At the time, Story was in First Grade. She absolutely loved it, and even bridged to Brownies! I stayed with the Daisies this year, but will hopefully move up next year. We started kind of mid season last year, so I didn't get a chance to talk about it. The entire experience was hectic, fast- paced, but fun! This year, I have a better grasp on the process and was even able to plan ahead! Which will make things a lot easier on me when I take time off for the baby. We are getting ready for our fourth meeting, so I'm a bit behind on the blog. I will post past meetings, and then will hopefully keep up with our weekly meetings on here!

For the first meeting, I focused on just getting the girls used to each other, our schedule, and what Girl Scouts is about. Our troop had an awesome turnout! Last year, I had 10 girls. Five of them bridged to Brownies and four came back as second year Daisies. One girl moved away. So far, I have twelve girls registered! I have five new first graders, and three kindergarteners. This works out well, because I want to get through all of the petals in the year! That way, all nine of my first graders will have completed all of the petals.

Meeting #1 Intro

Pledge of Allegiance

Girl Scout Promise

Stand in circle and introduce ourselves/say one thing about us

Snack time! 

Craft - Girl Scout Promise Craft

Take a photo of each girl (to be used on our board)

Decorate Girl Scout Folder - This is used to hold their crafts, notes home to parents - 
life is a journey not a destination: OCD meet Girl Scout meetings: life is a journey not a destination: OCD meet Girl Scout meetings
Not our folder, but similar concept

By this point we were out of time! After the meeting I held a Parent Meeting where I passed out all of the information regarding the first semester. Each week I print off a Weekly Bulletin which has relevant info and lets the parents know what we did in that meeting. I also passed out a troop specific calendar and a Girl Scout calendar. This year I also sent home supply lists. One was for each girl and had items like crayons, glue and scissors. There was also a supply list for each meeting. So, if parents wanted to donate items for a specific meeting, they would know what we needed! I am not collecting dues, and don't want to be just handed money. This way everyone knows what we need and have a way of helping out if they want to. It makes things a lot easier for me! 

The girls all said they had a great time! And all of them have been back so far! I've also had a lot of parental support, which has been a huge blessing. With that many littles, the more hands the better!

Monday, August 3, 2015

Bumpdate - Third Trimester

Well hello third trimester! This pregnancy seems to be flying by. Like, the entire summer is over, and I'm supposed to have a baby in a few weeks. Whoa. Today we are exactly 31 weeks. Had an ultrasound last week. Technician confirmed for the third time that we are in fact expecting a boy, and he's not shy about it. I've been measuring 3 weeks larger for the past 2.5 months. Our midwife wanted to see why, check fluid and position. Turns out he's just a big boy! They did not change my due date but he is measuring over a full week larger. He came in at 3.9 pounds! Fluid levels are great and baby is heads down! Which is the best news ever!!! Now I'm just going to have a massive baby naturally, ha! I'm guessing he will be here around the second week of September. Yep, I think we will have a baby in less than 6 weeks. Don't even ask me if we have the bassinet put together (we don't) or have any newborn sleepers (we don't). But yeah, there is still plenty of time?! Anyway, on to the photos!

29.7 weeks

31 weeks.