Monday, October 31, 2016

The Post About Not Washing Your Hair

I have a confession. I only wash my hair about three times a month. I trained my hair about three years ago, and I'm not looking back. *I do shower every day.*
 Train you say? Yes, train. Just like any part of your body, you have to teach it how to work the way you want it to. Chances are you're not just going to stop washing your hair for a week or more and have it work properly. You have to ease into it.
To do so, you need to push it a little bit further each week. Normally wash your hair every day? Try two days before you wash. Then try to go three days, fours days, and so on. Push it each time. You also need to find the right products. Dry shampoo will be your best friend. I'm currently using Batiste and loving it, but I've tried several different kinds with success. 

I have thick hair that doesn't have a lot of natural oil.

Day ONE, Monday - I washed my hair in the morning and let it air dry over the course of the day. I really dislike blow drying my hair. It takes way too long.

Day TWO, Tuesday - I curled my hair with a flat iron. I tried to limit the amount of product I used. Light hair spray only.

Day THREE, Wednesday - I didn't use any product or heat.

Day FOUR, Thursday - Still no heat or product. I usually pull my hair back like this. I get tired of it being in my face but also don't want to wear a pony tail.

Day FIVE, Friday - I have girl scout meetings on Fridays and I normally wear my hair pulled back. I used dry shampoo for the first time and also hair spray. I tease my hair for added volume.

Day SIX, Saturday - I used dry shampoo and hair spray. I also touched up my curls with the flat iron.

Day SEVEN, Sunday - More dry shampoo and hair spray. We went to a party so I touched up my curls a bit. I tried to be careful about the amount of product I used. If I'm not careful my hair starts to get really dry.

Day EIGHT, Monday - I spent the day at home cleaning. Pulled my hair into a messy bun while I showered and just left it. I don't wear my hair like this a lot because I noticed I have damage in the areas where it's pulled too tight.

Day NINE, Tuesday - No product or heat. I teased my crown a bit to give it more volume.

Day TEN, Wednesday - My hair was feeling pretty gross by this day. I was just too lazy to wash it.

So  there you have it! I'd say my favorite hair days are normally five through seven. All of the hard part is done :) Good luck!

Saturday, October 29, 2016

Seven Quick Takes [SQT]

1. Finley has never had much hair. She's two and a half now and I've only trimmed her bangs once. She has these two long pieces on either side of her head. When she was younger, we used to joke and call her Smeagol. Now, she looks just like Carol Brady. 

2.  I don't change the part in my hair very often, but after this last wash it decided to go the other direction. I don't hate it, but it's definitely taking some getting used to. 

3. My birthday is Monday. I'll be twenty-eight. Ugh, that's like an adult number. It's practically thirty, which means mostly fifty and that's pretty much game over. Ha! It's not that bad. But I'm starting to feel my age. I've got a lot of grays and a few little wrinkles. I didn't bounce back after this last baby and this arm skin isn't as taught as it once was. 

4. My house was so out of control after fall break that I had to ask my in-laws to watch Oliver while I cleaned. It's nearly impossible to get anything really cleaned with a baby and a toddler running around. Oliver is afraid of the vacuum and screams the entire time. 

5. Currently rereading the Donovan Creed series. I don't know anyone who's read them, but I enjoy them! They're easy and fast to get through. Sometimes you need a little fluff to get through the day. I'm also reading Stephen King in chronological order. That takes a little bit more brain power.

6. Speaking of birthdays, I'm currently loving Mindy Mae's Market. I haven't gotten anything from there yet, but I did put a gift card on my birthday list! Here's hoping.

7. My favorite artist just launched another sale! She is amazingly talented and her stuff sells out quick! Go check it out.

Creamy Rose Painting Original Abstract Floral Flower Art, eucalyptus, hydrangea and lilacs, Acrylic Canvas 20" x 20" by Amanda Evanston

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Thursday, October 27, 2016

Girl Scout Meeting #8

It's hard to believe we've already had eight meetings! This scout year is just flying by! We split the girls into groups at the beginning of the meeting to focus on journeys. Later, we brought everyone together to work on the Brownie Dancer badge. I'm kicking myself because we didn't get any photos!



Between Earth and Sky - Blue Bucket

Bucket of Feelings
The girls were to sit in a circle and share how they were feeling. A helper explained how they could feel more than one emotion at a time. They then took turns expressing how they felt. They could use words or movement. The girls were all handed a piece of paper and were asking to draw or write their feelings and then place them in the bucket.


Brownie Quest/Agent of Change

Circle Map
The girls were to create circle maps with five circles
2. My Family
3. My Girl Scout Troop
4. My Community
5. The World

Image result for discovering family brownie quest star:

We then brought all the levels together to work on the Brownie Dancer badge.

Step 1 - Warm up
We stood in a circle and did group stretches.

Step 2 - Try A New Dance
I played a YouTube video about dancercise. The girls followed along with the video.

Step 3 - Learn An Old Dance
For this step we watched another video about swing dancing. I wanted to find a dance that was popular during the time girl scouts was founded. 

Step 4 - Make Up A Dance
Since we have such a large group we broke the girls into pairs. They spent about ten minutes coming up with their signature move. 

Step 5 - Dance for Parents
The pairs took turns showing off their moves to the group and parents. They had so much fun doing this! They came up with a lot of really creative moves!

Thursday Threads

Each week I will post my outfits! I'm currently using a capsule wardrobe. I started my fall capsule and hope to try new outfits!

*Don't mind the children, pets, dirty mirror, or junk in the photo. This is real life :)*

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Thursday, October 20, 2016

Thursday Threads

Each week I will post my outfits! I'm currently using a capsule wardrobe. I started my fall capsule and hope to try new outfits!

*Don't mind the children, pets, dirty mirror, or junk in the photo. This is real life :)*

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Girl Scout Meeting #7

This meeting was actually a field trip! We focused on the Brownie Painter Legacy badge and the Junior Drawing Legacy badge. I planned and booked this trip all the way back in July. I didn't realize it would fall during parent/teacher conference! We had a few girls that were unable to attend.


Painter Legacy Badge

Step 1 - Get inspired
We visited a local art museum for the first part of this badge. The tour guide took us around the building and spoke to the girls about the different types of paintings. I was really impressed with how well he spoke to them. He kept it age appropriate and they understood what he was talking about. 

This facility also offers tuition free art classes! When I booked the trip I sent a copy of the Painter requirements in the hopes we'd be able to get through a few, if not all of the steps. It didn't really work out that way, like at all, but the girls had a fun time regardless!

Step 3 - Paint a mood
The girls were given a pumpkin paper and eater colors to work with. They were able to choose how they wanted their pumpkin to look by mixing colors how they envisioned. I'm going to call this painting a mood. 

We will have to make up steps two, four, and five another time! We'll also have to completely redo the Junior Drawing Legacy badge. The main thing is the girls enjoyed it! 

Friday, October 14, 2016

Girl Scout Meeting #6

We worked on the junior Musician badge for this meeting. We had a guest speaker teach the girls about music! The juniors earned their Musician badge and the daisies and brownies earned fun patches!

This meeting was chaotic, and the chaos started bright and early in the morning. We normally meet in our school cafeteria right after school gets out. This particular day was also the school carnival. The weather turned bad so everything had to be moved in. We were unable to have our meeting in the same spot. School had already started and I had the guest speaker lined up. I called around and a local church let us use their facility. We had to take trips back and forth to transport all the girls from the school to the church. Of course it was pouring down rain! It was all very exciting.


Junior Musician

Step 1 - Explore how music is made
Our guest speaker, Heidi, brought in different instruments and spoke in length to the girls about them. She played each one and talked about what musical family they belonged in. 

Step 2 - Travel around the world of music
This step was a lot of fun. I played pop songs from three different countries. We listened to the Macarena and learned the dance moves! We also listened to Gangnam Style and Zou Bisou Bisou.

Step 3 - Check out the music in your life
Heidi is a retired band director. She spoke to the girls about conducting and even taught them how to do it! She brought in big Mickey Mouse gloves and some of the girls got to wear them while conducting.

Step 4 - Make your own music
For this step the girls made their own musical instruments. They took two paper plates and put dried beans between them. The plates were stapled and the girls could decorate them as they wanted. It got real loud real quick!

Step 5 - Perform your music
Heidi conducted the girls in a fun little song! 

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Thursday Threads

Each week I will post my outfits! I'm currently using a capsule wardrobe. I just started my fall capsule and hope to try new outfits!

*Don't mind the children, pets, dirty mirror, or junk in the photo. This is real life :)*

Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Twelve Months of Oliver Grant

Oliver Is officially one year old! I swear this was the fastest year of my life. H'es grown up way too fast!

27 inches long
20 pounds
4 teeth
can say : dada, mama, dog, baby, bye, Buddy, no, hi, tickle, baba, more, me
he can crawl, wave, clap, stand, play peek-a-boo, blow kisses, hug.
he loves to dance, sing, play and eat
favorite song is Hotline Bling

Oliver is the sweetest, most laid back baby ever. He's so much fun and we're so happy he's ours

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