Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Girl Scout Meeting #5

We split the levels up again for this meeting. I try to combine all the girls for big events, guest speakers, and field trips. The daisies have to get through the petals and the brownies and juniors are working through their journeys. 

Snack/Dance Party


Friendly and Helpful

Read Sunny's story
Sunny the Sunflower is the second flower garden friend. The daisy helper read the story with the girls. They then went through the talking prompts at the end.

Story Based Mural
The daisies had to work together to create a mural. There was a little bit of bickering and the girls had to be reminded to be fair and work together.

Helping Hand Tree
Trace a hand three times and cut them out. Then glue them into the shape of a tree. I already had trunks and stars ready. The girls had to glue it all together. They had to write three helpful things on the hands. I didn't get any photos of the meeting.

Earning our Sunny petal- Helping Hand Christmas tree craft (girls trace their hand, cut out, glue to look like a tree, write how they will be helpful on each hand, and decorate).:
This leads to another dead link but I've included the Pinterest link. Via

Coloring Book
The girls worked on their Sunny the Sunflower page. they were able to work on it during the Fall Product Sales parent meeting.


My Best Self

The brownies and juniors worked alongside each other. The juniors worked on a different badge and it had slightly different requirements.

Step 1 - Get To Know Your Body
The girls filled out and colored My Elf Self. It can be found in the My Best Self badge guide.

Brownie Quest Skill Building Badge - My Best Self: Step 1 (con't):

Step 2 - Eat Healthy 
I brought in three healthy foods. I asked the girls what each were. Some were new to them and others they'd tried before. It was a big hit. Turns out the girls are all about the food!
1. Pumpkin Seeds
3. Green Peppers

Step 3 - Find Out How Your Body Works
I brought in five different types of bandages. We sat in a circle and talked about the different uses.

Step 4 - Something That Bugs You
The girls were asked to draw five things that make them happy.

We ran out of time for step 5, so that will be combined with other badges in a make up session.


Staying Fit

Step 1 - Will be completed at a later time
The juniors worked on the My Elf Self with the brownies

Step 2 - Label Detective
The juniors were given three food labels to compare. They had to find out which one was the healthiest and why. They also tried the new foods with the brownies.

Step 3 - Dear Self
This went along with the brownie Step 4. They were given journals and were tasked with writing their feelings.

Step 4 - Health Truths
We all learned about bandages and their uses.

Step 5 - Healthy Family
I sent home step 5. The girls are to complete healthy activities with their families.

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