Thursday, October 27, 2016

Girl Scout Meeting #8

It's hard to believe we've already had eight meetings! This scout year is just flying by! We split the girls into groups at the beginning of the meeting to focus on journeys. Later, we brought everyone together to work on the Brownie Dancer badge. I'm kicking myself because we didn't get any photos!



Between Earth and Sky - Blue Bucket

Bucket of Feelings
The girls were to sit in a circle and share how they were feeling. A helper explained how they could feel more than one emotion at a time. They then took turns expressing how they felt. They could use words or movement. The girls were all handed a piece of paper and were asking to draw or write their feelings and then place them in the bucket.


Brownie Quest/Agent of Change

Circle Map
The girls were to create circle maps with five circles
2. My Family
3. My Girl Scout Troop
4. My Community
5. The World

Image result for discovering family brownie quest star:

We then brought all the levels together to work on the Brownie Dancer badge.

Step 1 - Warm up
We stood in a circle and did group stretches.

Step 2 - Try A New Dance
I played a YouTube video about dancercise. The girls followed along with the video.

Step 3 - Learn An Old Dance
For this step we watched another video about swing dancing. I wanted to find a dance that was popular during the time girl scouts was founded. 

Step 4 - Make Up A Dance
Since we have such a large group we broke the girls into pairs. They spent about ten minutes coming up with their signature move. 

Step 5 - Dance for Parents
The pairs took turns showing off their moves to the group and parents. They had so much fun doing this! They came up with a lot of really creative moves!

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