Monday, June 1, 2015

Finley Jane :: Twelfth Month

Week Forty-Eight

Week Forty-Nine

Week Fifty

Week Fifty-One

A little over 18 pounds and 28 inches.

She's a solid through the night sleeper!! We still get in two naps a day. One in the morning that lasts about two hours and one in the evening that's about 45 minutes long.


Still in a lot of 9 month stuff. But for her birthday she got a lot of really cute 12 month outfits that fit great! She's in a size 3 shoe.

Baby girl is happy! She loves to play and read books. She's really into dancing and making faces. She's really into learning new words. She's back to wanting snuggles and kisses.

playing "peek-a-boo"
trying to walk
saying "dog"
bath time
giving kisses

riding in the car
being told no

What I Want To Remember
her first steps
all of the new words
playing games with her
watching her read a book
the way she loves her sister

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