Monday, May 13, 2013

Pre-Pregnancy Bucket List

Happy late Mother's Day! Hope you all had a fantastic weekend. I had to work ( Mother's Day/weekend is the busiest time for servers...) all weekend and am not very happy about yesterday. Aside from that it was a pretty good day. We had a late lunch at Steak and Shake, where I was only mildly glutened. We then went to the movie "station" and saw The Croods. I didn't think I would like it based off of the trailer, but I bawled like a baby. I recommend it.

The worst part of Mother's day was being slapped in the face with all of the happy families with their new babies and huge pregnant bellies. There was one lady who looked so much like me, and what I imagined I would have looked like pregnant this time around, that I almost started hysterically crying while making drinks. She had the cutest belly, the perfect top knot, and the exact same dress and shoes I already own. It was instantly heartbreaking. But all of that aside, I took a page from Katie Bower's book and decided to suck it up. Being pregnant is great and all, but I'm going to spend the summer doing other fun things. Hence the Pre-pregnancy Bucket List.

First up is a trip to King's Island. Jordan and I went to Universal Studio's for our honeymoon and it was the best trip ever. We have been dying to go back ever since. We both used to go to King's Island a lot when we were younger. You know, school trips and such. We bought season passes! Story is only tall enough to get on most of the kid rides. Hopefully we can take her sometime this summer. 

King's Island is about a month away. So, I'm going to be eating a lot of sushi before, and after that. I would eat sushi everyday. I want to eat sushi everyday :) 

We really want to be more settled in our lives before we have another baby. Right now we both want to be promoted, possibly transfer, move into a house and buy a car. Yep, that's a lot.

Disney World. Yes, yes, yes, yes!!!!!!! This is the time to take her! We are really, really, really, hoping to take her next year. As you all know, it's like the biggest deal ever to plan a trip to Disney. And yes, we are starting to save up now (hurry up promotions!)

The rest are pretty self explanatory. I hope to accomplish them all by the end of the summer. Hopefully in time for our anniversary in September.

All you moms-to-be struggling with infertility, what's your pre-pregnancy bucket lists? What would you like to do before getting pregnant? Link up your bucket lists in the comments or just write it out :)

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  1. LOVE this list! I'm stealing a few items from you - moving, rollercoasters, and cocktails. (-:


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