Friday, May 10, 2013

One Moment

I know I'm a day late, but Thursdays are the worst around here. We have to take Story to ballet, and go grocery shopping. Then I have to be at work early to open and then close the bar. It's non stop from the moment we wake up. 

Day nine of blog every day in May is capturing a moment in the day. Like I mentioned above, yesterday was super busy.

This is what I wore for running errands all morning. Jordan stayed home to finish repairing a phone. Story has ballet class on Thursdays. She only has two regular classes left and then it's time for the recital. It feels like this entire season has just flown by! Her class is about 45 minutes long. After class let out we had to swing by the house to grab a flash drive that had her birthday invitations on it. We live close to a busy intersection near an interstate so sometimes the traffic is bad. You know, around 5 or so. Of course, today, they decided to do massive road construction and not only that intersection but the really big one next to it. The traffic was stupid bad, with people stopped all the way back to the interstate. We braved the traffic, making our way to staples. We get in and the lady informs me that their printers are down....... The entire trip to that side of town, wasted. We get back in the car, through the traffic, to finally make it to the post office. Of course it's busy. I mean, it's the post office. After all of that we make it home. Just in time for me to get ready and go to work. On Thursdays I bartend which means I'm there from open to close.

shirt- thrifted. jeans, shoes- Target

So yeah, this would have been the calm before the all day storm. (and it really did rain).



  1. just stinkin are....I mean you don't stink that I know of and well you are very cute....even with ur very messed up day! xo

  2. Cute, comfy outfit, and I love your ombre hair! At least it looks ombre in the picture, but I could be wrong.

    1. Thanks! And it is ombre. Haven't had a chance to take a decent photo of it :)


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