Friday, May 10, 2013

I'm So Embarrassed

Time for day ten of blog every day in May. It's time to talk about true mortification, gut wrenching embarrassment. Get ready for it...

Okay, for those of you that don't know, I work in an Italian restaurant. It's not a super fancy one or anything, but it's decent. Anyway, it's the kind of restaurant where the servers have to use tray, both big and small. I remember when I first started I was so nervous to use the super big trays and then carry the legs to set them on. It took me a while to get the hang of it. So, here I am, confident in my tray handling, both big and small. Then one day we get these small new tray. They are made of a different material and have a hard time gripping wet glasses. It's a bust night, not sure what day of the week. Anyway, I have a full section and I'm running some drinks out. I take drinks to a couple of tables and then stop at my last one. It's a cute little family of four. They have a smaller child that's in a high chair, that's sitting out of a booth kind of in the way of the aisle. No big deal. So I'm passing out drinks and I only have one left. I'm holding the tray out behind me, reaching over the booth when another table, behind me gets up. They sort of bump the tray and the last glass of water falls. Onto the high chairs, spilling all over this poor kid. ( it was like 18 months old, and was not hurt at all) There is a moment, that seemed like it lasted forever, where you can see him winding up to belt out the loudest scream you can imagine. And then he does. And it lasts forever. And the parents are staring at me. And I'm trying so hard not to start crying, to do something other than stand there as this baby screams. I finally snap out of it and start cleaning up as best I can. Another server saw what happened and came over with a rag. We finally get everything cleaned up and I leave these poor people alone. I walk over to my manager and he says, "How much did you spill on the kid?" I say, unable to meet his eyes, "All of it." He stares at me, and then bursts out laughing. "Well, we'll buy their whole meal."



  1. Oh dear, that's funny! But as a mother I tell you, I probably would still have laughed while comforting the baby. And better you get the baby than the older kid, because parents usually always have a change of clothes for the little ones ;-)

  2. The baby probably needed a bath least it was water and not a mixed drink or wine.....! But I do feel your embarrassment! I once was working as a waitress and was delivering the 3rd round of some very tall blue of the ladies got up just as I arrived and I spilled the whole tray....not on them but on the floor....It didn't upset them because it was the floor.....I'm sure when they got home and sobered up they were stinkin mad because the drinks went right into (2) of their purses...... whoopsie! "0

  3. Listen. I applaud you, I do. Not for spilling but for being a waitress. I could friggin never. Ever. not in a million years. I would have ran the hell away.

  4. Oh goodness!!! You poor dear! I'm so glad your supervisor was nice about it!


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