Friday, May 24, 2013

Birthday Parties Of Past {First Birthday}

We are in full party planning mode over here. Story's fifth birthday party is in about two weeks. Eeekkkk.....!!!!! I feel like the time has crept up on me and now all of the sudden it's about time. To top it all off, her first ballet recital is the day before. So.Much.Going.On. I've been working on a lot of decorations and have a few small tutorials coming up. But I thought it would be fun to take a look back at her past parties (and cry hysterically at the fact that this will be her fifth party...)

Her first party was back before the time of Pinterest. I had to rely heavily on mass produced party products and old ideas. As much as I love all of the great ideas for first birthday parties, I think Story's was still pretty awesome.

I had two celebrations for her. The first was on her actual birthday. It was low key. We celebrated at my house with a few people

I didn't have a whole lot of decorations set up.

The cake was homemade, obviously. Ha. And I know, the words are backwards.

Enjoying her bit of cake :)

The real party was a few days later. She celebrated it with another little girl.

My favorite part, and something I plan on using again, are the balloons and how they are taped on to a streamer. I like the effect it had on the room.

All of the cookies, cakes, and cupcakes were made by me. This was pre-Celiac. If I remember correctly, I used Kool-Aid to color the icing.

And apparently, everyone got a candle.

We also had a gift table set up for all the kids. Pretty sure there were a lot.

Baby Story really liked cake. (and still does)

I remember it being a lot of fun to put this party together. It was done on a pretty strict budget as well. Almost everything was purchased from the Dollar Tree.

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  1. So sweet. What special memories! And can you imagine how we possibly survived without Pinterest?!? (-: Looks like you did a great job w/o it.

  2. Such sweet memories. Thank you so much for linking up. Hope to see more from you on my next linky party.

  3. Golden memories !! Such a cute party. Click here to get more party ideas for kids.


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