Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Meet Annie!
She is a labrador/beagle mix.
She was a rescue puppy and is currently 10 weeks old.

photo from the animal shelter

This is our first family dog and Story and I's first puppy.

First time meeting her :)

So, Jordan and I decided it was time for a dog. We started looking online at local shelters and a few listings on Craig's list. We kind of decided that we had to get a dog that day. We had just taken Story to school. We called the animal shelter in Richmond, but they weren't open yet, so we left a message. At the same time we were filling out the application online. We didn't really want to wait, so we decided to hop in the car and drive to the shelter. It's about an our and a half away. After about an our, a few signatures and some cash we were handed the sweetest puppy ever!

We didn't tell Story we were getting a puppy, so Annie was a complete surprise for her. I was a work (boo) but Jordan said she was in shock and a little scared. They eventually warmed up to each other.

She has been the sweetest so far! She's still really little, so we're trying to potty train and control the biting as best we can. Overall, not too many accidents.

We are completely in love! :)


  1. Well that just makes all of you the absolute cutest family on the face of the earth!

  2. Oh my, Annie is just adorable - I love her just looking at her, and it is obvious she is loving all of you right back. And your photos are priceless! What a wonderful thing to do, adopting her from a local shelter and giving her a happy ending. Is your husband starting to feel just a wee bit outnumbered by beautiful females in the household??? Just joking. I foresee a series of posts in the not too distant future about how you are doing your back yard area/patio area over for Story and Annie...


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