Friday, September 11, 2015

Bumpdate - Almost over!

Here I sit, still pregnant. I'm rounding out week 36 with little to no progress..... I know what you're saying, "36 weeks? You're not even full term. Of course there's not a baby yet! Don't rush these things.". Well, normally that would be the case. But we're dealing with a pretty big baby already. Our midwife advised me not to try a vbac if the baby is over 7 pounds. If he's been gaining the half pound a week that most babies do, he's sitting at a hefty 7.8 pounds right now. Trying not to go into full panic mode. Which is really difficult considering I've gained a whopping 32 pounds so far!!! And let me tell you, it's all baby! My back literally aches all day every day. My chiropractor can't believe the state of my spine every time I visit. Which is once a week. Ideally, we will have the baby in the next five days. At my next OB appointment I'm to meet with the anesthesiologist. Next week we will also schedule an ultrasound to determine the baby's size. If he's on the bigger side, we will schedule a c-section for 39 weeks. I'm trying not to get too depressed over the whole situation. Either way, I'll have a healthy baby!

 33 weeks

Updated : Officially 37 weeks. Still no baby or progress. I have an appointment in two days. We'll see how it goes!!!

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