Saturday, January 9, 2016

Oliver Grant :: Two Months Old

At his two month check-up, Oliver weighed 12.1! He's still at 21 inches but the pediatrician thinks there has been a user error somewhere. Turns out baby boy is an average size baby. 50 percentile all the way around.

We're going about every four hours at night! Baby boy sleeps for a couple of hours in the morning and then is awake for most of the afternoon and evening. 

He gets up about three times a night to nurse. He goes back to sleep afterward so it's not so bad. When he's fully awake for the day he nurses about every two hours for about 20 minutes at a time. He takes it very seriously and doesn't play around.

We started out in 1's but moved to 2's toward the end of the month. Still loving Pamper's Swaddlers.

Officially out of newborn clothes! He's in 0-3 mostly with a few 3 month thrown in. He outgrew is newborn shoes :)

He has his ups and downs. Overall, he's a really happy baby. He likes to smile and has started to talk a little. He has gas/reflux issues so it makes him upset. Especially in the evening. 

being held
his paci

bath time
tummy time

What I Want To Remember

his little face when he started to notice things.
those first real smiles
how serious he was
the way he started moving around

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