Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Pike Family Vacation 2016 (Part 2)

On our second day we attempted to visit two parks. It didn't quite go as planned. We were an hour late getting started in the morning and it threw off the entire day.

In the morning we went to Epcot! I was personally really excited about it because I don't think I'd ever been before. We went in without a plan, which was another mistake on our part. Our Fast Pass selections were all for the evening. We luckily stumbled on the Mickey and Friends meet and greet! And it only had a 20 minute wait!

After that we started exploring the World Showcase. I couldn't believe the amount of detail that went into it! I really wish we could have had more time to explore. By this time it was late morning and it was hot. So unbelievably hot. And not a breeze or shade. We were dying. The poor babies were so hot! Oliver just kept crying. We made it half way through before we had to turn around and head back for our lunch reservation.

Okay, so we're literally on the other side of the park, as far away from the restaurant as we could be. At that point we only had twenty minutes to get across the park. Majority of you don't know this about me, but I walk really fast. I'm pretty quick for someone with short legs! Anyway, I'm pushing the double stroller, Jordan is carrying Finley, and Story is trying to keep up. She's almost in tears because it's so hot. Jordan is mad at me because I'm going so fast. And the poor babies just pass out from heat exhaustion. But you best believe we made it to our reservation on time! 

We had lunch at the Coral Reef restaurant. It was a neat experience because one whole wall was just an aquarium! We were able to watch the fish (and sharks!) swim while we ate. After lunch we headed back out for a boat ride to Hollywood Studios!

There were several shows we wanted to watch at Hollywood Studios but was only able to make it to Indian Jones. Indiana Jones is Finley's favorite. We watch the third movie at least once a week. She was really excited to see the stunt show.

It started raining very early on in the show. They had to end early so we didn't get to see the entire production. During the rain our stroller was completely soaked! It was crazy. I knew it could rain at anytime in Florida but it never got cloudy. The sun shone the entire time! Luckily all our stuff was fine because it was in plastic bags. We really wanted to make it to the Disney Junior show but didn't make it. We were able to do Star Tours and Story was able to build her own light saber. We finished the day by riding the Rock n' Roll roller coaster.

Story said it was her favorite ride of the entire trip!

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