Monday, January 18, 2016

Girl Scouts - Daisy - Meeting #8 "Tula Petal"

I know I skipped a meeting there. We actually did have a meeting #7 and it wrapped up our first journey, "Welcome To The Daisy Flower Garden". I had been sending copied pages of the book and activities home for the girls to complete. Meeting 7 was to finish it all up. It was also my first meeting back after having the baby.

For meeting #8 the girls worked on their "Tula Petal" which taught them how to be Courageous and Strong.

Meeting #8 "Tula Petal" Courageous and Strong

Pledge of Allegiance 

Girl Scout Promise


Activity/Craft - Anti Bullying Activity
It also happened to be bullying awareness week at the school. I asked the girls what bullying was, and what to do if they saw it happening. I then had them draw a large heart on a piece of paper and cut it out. This was harder than expected. Most of the girls didn't know how to draw a heart. 
After that I had them cut the heart into pieces and then try to glue it back together. 

Read Tula's Story

Activity/Craft - Raw/Boiled Game
The girls had a blast with this activity! I had a dozen eggs and handed one to each girl. Some were hard boiled and others were not! They had to take turns cracking their egg in their hands.

Courageous and strong daisy petal

Saturday, January 9, 2016

Oliver Grant :: Three Months Old

Baby boy didn't have a check-up this month. My guess is he's gained about a pound, putting his over 13 pounds. He's definitely gotten longer, so closer to 22 inches.

We are sleeping through the night! On average, a seven hour stretch! He goes to bed around midnight and normally wakes around seven to nurse and then goes back to bed for a few more hours. It's been amazing! He will take a few small naps during the day.

This boy is a good eater. Throughout the day, he eats on average every 45 minutes or so. He nurses for 20 minutes. And he takes it very seriously. Majority of the time he doesn't break latch, look around or smile.

We officially moved to 2's this month! Started out in Pamper's Swaddlers but moved to a case of Luv's. The Luv's just don't hold up yet. They are a lot smaller, even though they are the same number. We had way more blowouts in the Luv's. I will try them again when he gets to 3's, but for now I'm sticking with the Pamper's Swaddlers.

Overall he is in size 3 month. There are a few brands, like Garanimals, that still fit at 0-3. 

Such a sweet boy :) He smiles all the time now. He talks a lot and loves being socially interactive. He has more reflux issues so in the evening he's really fussy and uncomfortable. I guess he's not a very good boy for his dad either. 

swatting at his toys
bath time

tummy time
getting in his carseat
car rides
when I put him down when he's not ready

What I Want To Remember

the way he giggles
the way his little hands open and close
how he smells
the way he smiles and laughs at his sisters
how he chomps on his paci
his sweet little expressions of love

Oliver Grant :: Two Months Old

At his two month check-up, Oliver weighed 12.1! He's still at 21 inches but the pediatrician thinks there has been a user error somewhere. Turns out baby boy is an average size baby. 50 percentile all the way around.

We're going about every four hours at night! Baby boy sleeps for a couple of hours in the morning and then is awake for most of the afternoon and evening. 

He gets up about three times a night to nurse. He goes back to sleep afterward so it's not so bad. When he's fully awake for the day he nurses about every two hours for about 20 minutes at a time. He takes it very seriously and doesn't play around.

We started out in 1's but moved to 2's toward the end of the month. Still loving Pamper's Swaddlers.

Officially out of newborn clothes! He's in 0-3 mostly with a few 3 month thrown in. He outgrew is newborn shoes :)

He has his ups and downs. Overall, he's a really happy baby. He likes to smile and has started to talk a little. He has gas/reflux issues so it makes him upset. Especially in the evening. 

being held
his paci

bath time
tummy time

What I Want To Remember

his little face when he started to notice things.
those first real smiles
how serious he was
the way he started moving around

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