Thursday, June 30, 2011

Bathroom Update

I don't have a picture to go along with this one yet, because I still have to do the bathroom before and after post. But I just wanted to say that I added a new piece to the bathroom. It's a chrome, over toilet rack. I wouldn't recommend the one that I bought (mainstay from walmart) but I think it adds a nice touch to the room. Our bathroom has been a total work in progress since we moved in. It's finally painted! And I've started adding matching decor. I can't get away from the ugly blue, so I'm trying to embrace it and add a touch of green. I will post pictures soon.

On a different note..... I finally folded all of the laundry!!!!!! It's been piling up for weeks days now. I really hate folding laundry. I don't mind putting it into the washer and then dryer, but something about sorting, folding and hanging really irritates me. But I'm proud of myself, it's all done. Well, all but the hanging. At least you can't see it all anymore (I shoved it all into the closet...)

Also, I made a list. I make lots of lists, all of the time. But this list is about projects and items I would like to get for the house. It's not very long but I have a feeling it's going to take us a few months to get it all done. I don't work as many hours as I used to, so I'm not quite making as much as I did. It's just slowing us down a bit. But I hope to have a garage sale soon. That way we can make a little bit, and de-clutter the attic. The first thing I'm going to work on though is the kitchen. I really want to get some shelves and magnetic strips. That means a trip to Ikea!!! Yay!!! :) :)

I think once all of that is put into place it will be a nice little area :)
So, I will do a before and after of the bathroom soon!!!


  1. Yay! I like your ideas! The shoving the laundry that you don't want to hang is hilarious!! :) Will look forward to the bathroom pics!

  2. IKEA is the best! But folding laundry is not the best. :)

    1. Ikea is the best! We used to have one about 20 miles away when we lived in Charlotte. Now, the closest one is about 2 1/2 hours away.... It's the worst......


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