Sunday, February 24, 2013

Another DIY Abstract Painting

So I've had this painting forever. It was one of the first things I bought for my house, when I was pregnant with Story, five years ago. I went through a purple and green phase and I'm ashamed to admit it lasted a whole lot longer than it should have... Any way. I had this painting. It worked well with our bedroom in N.C. But that was the last time I had it up.

This is the best picture I have of it, but it's the big one in the left hand corner.

I liked the size of the painting and the frame wasn't in terrible condition. I have been looking at our local Goodwills in hopes of finding decent sized art (that wasn't ugly) I had been looking for a while before it hit me : why not just paint over the painting I already had? So that's just what I did.

It look a few coats of primer before I had even coverage. It's not canvas but not a regular print. It's on some sort of cardboard-ish material that was then printed on but was covered in texture. Real weird. 

I really had no idea what I wanted to do. I looked around Pinterest for a while, found one painting that looked pretty decent, and then decided to just wing it.

 Art Crush - Abstract Painting by Caroline Havers
Caroline Havers

But you know what? Turns out I have no idea what I'm doing when it comes to painting. I've heard a lot of people say there is no wrong way to do an abstract painting. I beg to differ. Pretty sure I do it the wrong way.

You know those ugly painting you see all over hotel rooms? Yeah, I can do that kind of art. Not sure what's up with the brown circle? When is a brown circle ever a good idea?! 

I tried fixing it. Hahahaha!!!!!!! As you can plainly see I have no idea how to make art. So I did what any horrified individual would do. I covered that baby in glorious black. 

So much better. I know it's not as visually stunning as the painting I was aiming for. But there is something about the subtleness that I enjoy. Which is the most important aspect of the entire painting. It is after all, in my personal nook. I like how when you look at in from different angles the blue really stands out. 

It was a fun learning experience. I did enjoy the ill fated attempt. I might even try it again. I do get excited when I see my personal paintings.

To see the rest of the room {pt 1} 


  1. I can see how it's a nice piece for you to look at. Every piece I paint (furniture, etc) catches my eye everytime I walk by it. That wouldn't be any different for a painting...even if it was black!

    Thanks for sharing!


  2. If this is your reading area....why not get a photocopy of some of your fav. books....have them copied on translucent(not completely see thru but light passes thru) a good quality tracing paper....and mix some elmers glue with water and glue the copied images over the painting you did???? Collage it up alittle.....but still are awesome attempting to paint....really it usually takes days to finish a painting because it is ever changing....probabliy with 10-20- layers of changes on it.....I just keep painting till it feels right. but once again you r amazing with your ideas.......xo

  3. Great painting! Thanks for linking up to The DIY'ers!

  4. Gorgeous painting. Very inspiring!


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