Tuesday, November 5, 2013

How About An Outfit Post

Yeah, it's about time for one. Let's see, the last one I did was back in July? But, I have had an good excuse. Being pregnant since August, you know. Had to wait on that big reveal. So that's totally my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.

So, on with the clothes. I really thought this time around I would have an easy time dressing the bump. I had a difficult time figuring out what worked for me when I was pregnant with Story. Mainly because of where I lived (small town), my size (xs) and the lack of internet (small town, 6 years ago) So, I was sort of forced to wear things that didn't really fit, or make much sense. And I was 19 and had no idea what I was doing.

I was about 6 months along here.

So, like I said, I had high hopes this time around. I mean, the internet! Online shopping! 25! But no such luck. Let me ask you a question : Do you find that all maternity tops have stupid necklines? Why can't it just be a normal neckline? Why does it have to be a boat, or whatever else it is that makes it really big along the neck and shoulders. Do clothing lines think that pregnant women suddenly get enormous heads that won't fit through a normal shirt hole? I've been forced into V-necks, which I normally love, but that was back when it was easy to throw a tank on under them. Now, my tanks are too short, and I am not going to buy more maternity clothes than I have to. Up until this week I've been okay with most of my non-maternity tops but they're all too short now. So, with birthday money I finally bought maternity clothes, stupid necklines and all.

My favorite purchases so far have been the 2 pair of Old Navy Maternity jeans. I bought a pair of bootcut, full panel first and fell in love! I went back and got a pair of skinny, full panel. I got them in the short hem, but they are still a bit too long. But rolled up, they will still work great for this fall and winter. I first saw this top on The Small Things Blog, and thought it looked really flattering on her. I feel like she was wearing the scarf, not only because it's cute, but to hide the dumb neckline. Though I'll grow into it more, the bigger I get, I doubt my shoulders are going to widen any. In fact, I'll be pretty mad if they do get any bigger.

I look forward to trying out a few more looks. I forgot how much fun it was being pregnant :)

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  1. You are sooo stinkin' cute and beautiful!


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