Saturday, November 2, 2013

Half Bath Reveal

Our poor little half bath. It has been put through the ringer! It was the first space I started to fix up when we moved into the townhouse. I got all excited and painted it , way back in July. I started adding a few finishing touches and was about to call it done. Then we adopted Annie. We had always planned on getting a crate for her, but didn't get around to it. So she stayed in the bathroom, all the way up until we got the kitten (who I still owe an update on, but you can read a little about her on the "About Me" tab) We had to keep her separated because she had fleas for a while and hadn't been spayed so she was pretty wild. She also didn't get along the greatest with our other cat. Anyway, she was put in the half bath and Annie was moved to the full bath upstairs. Yeah, it was not a fun time, at all. Everything was going smoothly until one day we came home and heard the kitten, in the walls. Yep, it was just like the episode on "It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia"

She had ripped out the plastic baseboard and then crawled into the walls and up into the ceiling, where she got scared and became stuck. Luckily we were able to remove the light fixture and then yank her out. It was very traumatic for everyone involved.

About a month after that ordeal we can home to an even worse situation..... We had been at a doctor's appointment and had been gone for about two hours. We stepped in the front door and the first thing we noticed was that the kitchen looked like it was flooded. We heard running water and Annie barking as loudly as she could. I ran upstairs and opened the bathroom door. There was water spraying everywhere and the entire room was flooded. Annie was hiding between the shower curtain and the tub. She had chewed a hole in the plastic pipe connecting the toilet to the wall. We think she did it pretty close to the time we left because the entire half bath was flooded as well.

Fortunately the kitten had not been in there at the time. Unfortunately, her litter box, food/water, and blanket were. The room was a mess. Being pregnant and hormonal, I started crying and freaking out. Because I was crying, Story started crying too. Poor Jordan, he had to send us both to our rooms and handle the situation. The maintenance guys came out and replaced the pipe. They also called a clean up crew who got the water out of the carpet. Needless to say, Annie was in a crate the next week and the kitten was out of the bathroom. Clean-up was easy and it got me motivated to finish the room. So, now that you've made it through a small novel, here is the finished room!!

The first thing I did was add two shelves we bought forever ago at Ikea. They have been used in a few different places around our houses ( here, here, here) but this is the first time being used in a bathroom.


Almost everything you see is collected from Goodwill.

Another update was adding these prints. They were at the end of our hallway in the last apartment.

The sink area stayed the same. Except I added some hand soap. 

There were a few other small changes I had planned on adding, but for now I'm calling at good and done. It's nice to have at least one space that is finished in this place. I swear, I've got to get on top of it. But you know how it is, if it's not one disaster, it's another. Hopefully when our current one is over I'll have another finished space. (ahem, the master bedroom) Stay tuned! I promise there is more to come.

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