Monday, May 7, 2012

I Have A Thing For Shelves

Hello. My name is Faith, and I am a shelf-aholic. I have to put a shelf on every available wall in any house I'm in. Here are a few examples ::

seen here

seen here

seen here

And on several other walls I never got a chance to take pictures of. 

I knew when we moved in to our new apartment that we would have storage issues. Though the house is technically bigger, meaning it has more livable space, we lost several square footage of storage. Remember our attic?

seen here

It did get a little bit cleaner. A little bit. The attic wasn't huge by any means but it gave us a place to put things we didn't want out. Things like seasonal items, furniture we didn't want anymore, boxes we saved for our move (we saved some boxes for 2 years) luggage, toys, seasonal clothes, etc... You get the idea. It gave us a great spot to put all of those things. Because, out of site, out of mind. When we moved we had to decide what to do with all of that junk. Most of it we got rid of it, but some of it we had to keep.

Which brings be back to my shelf addiction. We did a bit of a closet switch-aroo (which I will show soon, but it is no where photo ready) We have a decent sized hallway closet and an extremely small built in pantry. 

I should also mention, in the old house we had a screened in front porch. We are not ones to use an outdoor space, so it didn't really effect us that much, but it did give us a place to put the cat litter box. Since we don't have a screened in outdoor space at the new house we had to put the litter box somewhere. So, half of the hallway closet is a cat room. The other half is a storage closet. We only have Christmas items in there now. The tiny built in pantry is now a weird linen closet. But will only stay weird until I can work out some storage for the 2 :) bathrooms we have. The pantry items have all been moved into our own standing pantry.

(old house)

The pantry is in the dining nook next to the coffee bar. 

Okay, back to the shelves. We put some shelves up in the kitchen!

The shelves are the sames one in our old kitchen. We have 3 more, but I don't know where I'm going to put them yet.  The cork globe and canvas are gifts from my Step Mom. Magazine vase is from Home Goods. Everything else is thrifted. 

Because nothing stays the same. The plate was from my Mother in Law's antique shop. if you're ever in Cambridge City, Indiana check out Hole In The Wall antiques. It's on historic Highway 40 and has some of the coolest stuff :)

Adding those shelves have started a snowball effect in other places of the house. I've started painting the rest of the kitchen, styled the book cases, and even started on a gallery wall.

I have a lot to get done this week. I hope I can get several other rooms at least photo ready. Of course nothing is completed. We've only been here for less than 3 weeks.


  1. I love what you do with shelves! Can't wait to see more of the rooms in the new place. :)

  2. I know how much u love to decorate...and u do it with such a great matter what it is u make it work! XO

  3. LOVELY shelves - fabulous styling of them.


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