Thursday, March 12, 2015

Finley Jane :: Tenth Month

Week Thirty-Nine

Week Forty

Week Forty-One

Week Forty-Two

Week Forty-Three

Week Forty-Four

We don't go back to the doctor until her 1 year check-up. I don't feel like she grew a whole lot in this past month. I'm going to guess a little over 17 pounds and maybe 26.5 inches long

She officially sleeps through the night! It's 100% consistent, but pretty darn close. She's going strong with 2 naps a day, ranging from 1-2 hours!

Finley spent most of the entire month battling thrush. It wasn't bad in her mouth but caused a pretty severe diaper rash. It was extremely painful for me though. I decided to stop nursing when it wasn't going away with medication. She's full time formula fed now. I have her on Enfamil A.R.She switched with hardly no issues. For the first week, I had trouble getting her to sleep at night. She's still eating table food and really enjoys standing up to eat.

Luvs size 3.

In mostly 6-9 month. She can wear a few 9 month pieces but a lot are still too big for her.

Her mood wasn't the greatest this month because of the thrush. She's still a sweety who likes to cuddle. She gets really angry if she doesn't get her way and enjoys trying everything on her own. She really likes her dad.

petting the animals
feeding herself
getting into everything that she can
taking everything out of a bag or bin
being naked

diaper changes
getting in her car seat
having socks on

What I Want To Remember
sloppy, biting kisses
the way she scrunches up her nose to smile
her little teeth
how much she likes the animals
how she plays with her sister
her smile when I get home

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