Sunday, January 25, 2015

Finley Jane :: Ninth Month

Week Thirty Five

Week Thirty Six

Week Thirty Seven

Week Thirty Eight

We actually had a doctor visit this month! Finley now weighs 16.9 pounds and is 26 inches long. She's smaller than I thought, but her pediatrician wasn't concerned. She is still in the lower 25% for both weight and height.

We have good nights and bad night. On a good night, she sleeps through the night and is up around 7:00. On a bad night, she's up 2-3 times for almost an hour each time. It's exhausting. She will sometimes nap really well. Like, 2-3 times for a long period of time. But sometimes she is almost impossible to get to sleep and then will nap for like 20 minutes. 

We are still going strong with nursing. She eats all the table food she can get her hands on. She really loves yogurt and Cheeto Puffs. Her main source of nutrients is still breast milk, so I'm not too pushy on her eating three big meals of table food.

Still in size 3. Still loving Luvs.

She is still in mostly 6 month clothing. A few 6-9 and even a few small 9 month. I just packed up her 3-6 month clothing. Baby girl is tiny.

What a drama queen! Finley is very particular and doesn't like it when she doesn't get her way. She's doing a lot better with her dad, which is amazing. She is whiny and needy, but is also very sweet and loving. 

her activity table
taking all of the toys out of their bins
giving kisses

diaper changes
getting dressed
having to wait, for anything
being told no

What I Want To Remember
the way she hangs on my neck when she's hugging
her playing
waving to her dad
her little smiles
the noises she makes
her dance moves

waving while saying hi
"hi dad"
walking around the furniture

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