Friday, January 2, 2015

Town Brown House Tour : All Moved In

I would say we are 95% of the way unpacked. Which has to be a new record for us. Last time we moved we never fully unpacked. The only things left are a few decor items that I haven't found a place for and a few boxes in the kitchen. The kitchen needs a bit of work before we can get to that.

Before we moved in a few major upgrades happened! First off, almost the entire house received a new coat of paint! It's amazing the change it made. We had a great painter who knocked it out in a little over a week. We chose white all over. I wanted a fresh, clean slate to work with. I think bright white looks so much better than beige or even antique white. We didn't paint the kitchen, laundry nook, garage or master bedroom. But, we do have big plans for all of those spaces. He also didn't paint the insides of any of the closets. We figured those areas were ones we could tackle on our own. He also removed all of the paneling in the foyer. It opened the space up it makes the entire house feel more modern.

We also got new flooring in four different areas. In the formal living room we put down dark hardwood ceramic tiles. Both of the girls' rooms got new carpet and the hall bath got new laminate. The last thing was new vanities in both bathrooms! It's completely astounding how much better both of the bathrooms look!

On with the tour!

I love how the foyer turned out! The black door totally makes the space. And with the paneling gone, it looks so much bigger!

We decided against having a formal living room and a family room. We thought it was a waste of space for our family. We also didn't want to have the kitchen be our only place to have a table. This is my favorite room. I love how grown up it feels. I have so many ideas for in here. I can't wait to really get started.

This room is very much so going to be kid focused. The girls do have their own rooms, but they'll be playing out here. Especially Finley. She's at the age where all of the toys are massive and you have 15 of them sprawled out everywhere.

 Finley's room has a lot of potential and will be a blast to work on. I like how muted and calm the colors are in here. It fits her personality really well.

Story's room is jam packed with color and toys! This kid isn't lacking! This room is the smallest she's ever had. We really need to update the storage and completely maximize the space.

This is the hall bath. It's the girls' bathroom and also the guest bath.

Our bedroom is a really nice size! The colors are a bit off for me. In fact, the green makes my eye twitch... The carpet has a bit of a purple undertone, so that has been a challenge to work with.

This little half bath is my favorite, color wise. I love the laminate floor and the new sink is so cute! I can't wait to replace the mirror and lighting.

 The kitchen is very brown right now. I have plans to cool it down a bit. But it's a great size!

Overall we are super happy with this house! It's going to take a lot of love, but we're up for the challenge! I've made a short list and a long list of things I hope to accomplish!

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