Monday, August 3, 2015

Bumpdate - Third Trimester

Well hello third trimester! This pregnancy seems to be flying by. Like, the entire summer is over, and I'm supposed to have a baby in a few weeks. Whoa. Today we are exactly 31 weeks. Had an ultrasound last week. Technician confirmed for the third time that we are in fact expecting a boy, and he's not shy about it. I've been measuring 3 weeks larger for the past 2.5 months. Our midwife wanted to see why, check fluid and position. Turns out he's just a big boy! They did not change my due date but he is measuring over a full week larger. He came in at 3.9 pounds! Fluid levels are great and baby is heads down! Which is the best news ever!!! Now I'm just going to have a massive baby naturally, ha! I'm guessing he will be here around the second week of September. Yep, I think we will have a baby in less than 6 weeks. Don't even ask me if we have the bassinet put together (we don't) or have any newborn sleepers (we don't). But yeah, there is still plenty of time?! Anyway, on to the photos!

29.7 weeks

31 weeks.

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