Monday, August 31, 2015

Girl Scouts - Daisy - Meeting #1 "Intro"

Majority of you are probably not aware of this, but I am a Girl Scout Troop Leader! This will be my second year! I started last year at the Daisy (k-1) level. At the time, Story was in First Grade. She absolutely loved it, and even bridged to Brownies! I stayed with the Daisies this year, but will hopefully move up next year. We started kind of mid season last year, so I didn't get a chance to talk about it. The entire experience was hectic, fast- paced, but fun! This year, I have a better grasp on the process and was even able to plan ahead! Which will make things a lot easier on me when I take time off for the baby. We are getting ready for our fourth meeting, so I'm a bit behind on the blog. I will post past meetings, and then will hopefully keep up with our weekly meetings on here!

For the first meeting, I focused on just getting the girls used to each other, our schedule, and what Girl Scouts is about. Our troop had an awesome turnout! Last year, I had 10 girls. Five of them bridged to Brownies and four came back as second year Daisies. One girl moved away. So far, I have twelve girls registered! I have five new first graders, and three kindergarteners. This works out well, because I want to get through all of the petals in the year! That way, all nine of my first graders will have completed all of the petals.

Meeting #1 Intro

Pledge of Allegiance

Girl Scout Promise

Stand in circle and introduce ourselves/say one thing about us

Snack time! 

Craft - Girl Scout Promise Craft

Take a photo of each girl (to be used on our board)

Decorate Girl Scout Folder - This is used to hold their crafts, notes home to parents - 
life is a journey not a destination: OCD meet Girl Scout meetings: life is a journey not a destination: OCD meet Girl Scout meetings
Not our folder, but similar concept

By this point we were out of time! After the meeting I held a Parent Meeting where I passed out all of the information regarding the first semester. Each week I print off a Weekly Bulletin which has relevant info and lets the parents know what we did in that meeting. I also passed out a troop specific calendar and a Girl Scout calendar. This year I also sent home supply lists. One was for each girl and had items like crayons, glue and scissors. There was also a supply list for each meeting. So, if parents wanted to donate items for a specific meeting, they would know what we needed! I am not collecting dues, and don't want to be just handed money. This way everyone knows what we need and have a way of helping out if they want to. It makes things a lot easier for me! 

The girls all said they had a great time! And all of them have been back so far! I've also had a lot of parental support, which has been a huge blessing. With that many littles, the more hands the better!

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