Tuesday, December 6, 2016

Girl Scout Meeting #12

Meeting twelve was a hodge podge of make up work. We are able to get through almost every step per badge in one meeting but sometimes we need to finish up a step or two. We also worked on the Brownie Quest and Agent of Change journeys.

Snack/Dance Party

Considerate and Caring

Read Zinni's story
We broke into levels this meeting and the daisy girls worked on a petal. They read Zinni's story and talked through what happened. 

Share a Care Jars
For this activity the girls were given jars, stickers, and ribbons to decorate. The girls had so much fun working on these! They all looked great!

Soldier Thank You Cards
Each daisy made a thank you card for a soldier!


We sat down and talked about our community, what it needed, and what we could do to help. The girls had a lot of fantastic ideas! Several of them focused on helping those with physical handicaps. They decided to put on a talent show and all those that attended had bring an item to donate. 

Life Size Me
We had to make up step five of My Best Self. The girls broke off into pairs and traced each other.

Most girls completed the Celebrate Community Legacy badge but we had a few that still needed to complete a step. I taught the girls the basics of marching. Now, I'm not very good at it and my husband (a former Cavalier) would probably have had a fit to see it, but the girls had fun!

My Family Story
The girls were given the My Family Story packet to work on over break. They were asked to bring in a special family piece and we talked about them. 

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