Saturday, December 10, 2016

[SQT] The Longest Cold Ever

1. Sorry for missing a few weeks there. We have all had the longest lasting colds! I've been sick on and off for the past six weeks! This last round really knocked me down. I even had to take medicine. I'm not like anti-medicine or anything, I'll give it to Story if she's sick, but I don't personally take it. I don't have a good reason other than I don't think it really helps. But I just finished off my second bottle of cold medicine. I'm slowly climbing out of the sickness fog. It's about time too. I've got like one million things to do. Seriously, why is there always so many things to take care of?

2. Our dumb van broke down on Saturday. I shouldn't call it dumb, it's like a fourth child. Our mechanic can't look at it until today so the babies (toddlers?) and I have been stuck at home all week. If you're a diligent reader you'll remember that we had van trouble over the summer. I hope it's an easier, and cheaper, fix than last time! For real, we've got Christmas stuff to get.

3. I've been super busy with girl scout activities! Like, woah. We had a recruitment night and nine new girls signed up. We now have thirty-seven registered girls in our troop. That's a lot of girls! It's pretty amazing considering the size of the school.

4. Story and Jordan went to a Me & My Guy dance a couple of weeks ago! It was Hawaiian themed. They had a blast! Our local Girl Scout Service Unit hosts one each year.

5. I've gotten a whopping two people crossed off our Christmas list. I really thought I'd be on top of it this year. I even bought a few presents for the kids over the summer! I got my list ready and then we all got sick, and then our van broke down. Now there's like two weeks and I can't order anything. AHHH!! Slightly panicking. Story is mostly done but I only have one small thing for Finley. And I haven't even started on stockings... My dad will be here for Christmas and so will Laura, our past foreign exchange student! 

6. We have the cone of shame around our tree this year. Oliver loves to take down the ornaments. He yells "ball!" every time he sees the tree. He and Finley work together to get the ornaments down. He's also figured out how to reach inside the gate and unwrap the presents. Kids are just the best!

7. Our mechanic called! The van will be fixed on Monday! That's such a huge relief! I've got meetings all week and Jordan has concerts.

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