Friday, January 6, 2017

[SQT] New Year

1. I try so hard every year to be organized and prepared for Christmas time. I really thought this would be the year I succeeded. I even got a jump start over the summer! Then it was one thing after the other. We were all sick for such a long time. Then our van needed repaired. One of these years I'll have my act together. Maybe once the kids are a bit older.

2. But, we made it through and the kids all had a great time! Laura, our former exchange student, flew in from Germany and has been here for the past couple of weeks! We love having her! My dad was here for about a week as well!

3. I started reading Gone Girl in December. I don't get to read for long amount of times but I'm really liking the book so far! I'm curious how it plays out. I like that it jumps around in the timeline and gives different character perspective. I haven't watched the movie so it's all a mystery to me!

4. We recently took a trip to Target. I bravely tried on jeans and was pleasantly surprised! I'm not sure if Target does vanity sizing but I was able to size down, which was a huge boost of post-holiday-weight-gain confidence. I liked the high waisted jeggings the most. The high waist lets me tuck in the mom tum.

5. You guys, my house is a total disaster. Literally every room is dirty. I keep putting it off in the hopes I'll be in the cleaning mood. I've been so lazy recently! I just want to relax, watch shows, play Sims. I still have Christmas decorations out, Christmas presents that haven't been put away, plus all the normal stuff the kids tear apart. Maybe this weekend I'll have a chance to get it straightened up. My goal is to take down Christmas decorations today.

6. School starts on Tuesday! I'm super excited haha. I love my kids but it's so hard to have all of them home for several days in a row. Our house just isn't big enough. 

7. Our Girl Scout cookie season kicks off this Saturday!! Our Service Unit is hosting a cookie rally on January 6th! I'm planning it so this week has been really busy trying to get it all put together! If all the girls attend, we'll have close to 50!  

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