Sunday, August 26, 2012

Picking Out Family Photo Outfits

I couldn't come up with a catchier title. But it's what I'm going to be talking about today. We are going to be getting family portraits soon and I've been thinking a lot about what we're going to wear. We hardly ever get portraits (the last one being at our wedding, two years ago) so I want to combine as much as I can in the one setting. Because we waited so late in the year we'll be adding Holiday portraits as well.

Story and I have a lot of clothes, and we like to get dressed up. Jordan on the other hand, is really picky about what he wears and the result is not an extensive wardrobe. I kept that in mind when picking the outfits. I didn't want to get him anything new, or force him into an outfit that he would be uncomfortable with. We worked around his clothes. Luckily for me, he has a few key pieces that were pretty easy to work with.

This is the first outfit I came up with. I know it's still August but fall is right around the corner. I wanted this outfit to be somewhat fall inspired without going all out in the traditional fall colors of browns, reds, oranges, and tans. I also took into account where we will be placing these photos. Our home color scheme revolves around the color blue, so I wanted the outfits to match in with that as well.

Jordan's -- black button up- Target. jeans- Kohls. shoes- I have no idea.
Story's -- white knit hat, rain boots- Walmart. purple sweater- gift. pink tee shirt- Target.
Faith's -- chambray top, black skirt- Forever 21. black sweater- Old Navy. purple tights and boots- Target.

For the second outfit I worked more so around Story's clothes. She almost always wears a skirt and a fun top. Jordan happened to have a neutral shirt that would go with these pieces. And her sweater is one of my favorites. I want to have it in our family photos. My outfit is really basic and neutral. I wanted Story to be the center of attention.

Jordan's -- grey button up- Old Navy. 
Story's -- entire outfit is from Target. the pieces were all purchased separately over the past two years.
Faith's -- striped sweater- H&M (recent purchase) jeans, flats- Target.

This next outfit is our Holiday outfit. Because it is still August, I haven't really thought much about Christmas and Story's dress. These are things that we had at home that I felt were still festive without going all out. I might change my mind about a few things here before we actually take Holiday photos.

Jordan's -- white/black striped button up- Kohls
Story's -- leopard print sweater, shoes- gift from Nina. black jeggings, brown headband- Target.
Faith's -- top, pants- H&M (recent purchase) flats- Target. necklace- handmade. bracelet- gift.

I wasn't sure I wanted to do four outfits. But the more I thought about the more I liked the idea of having a casual, every day look. So, most of the items here were pulled out of the dirty clothes hamper. They really are every day staples.

Most days Jordan is in some type of black tee shirt. It normally has something on it regarding the Cavalier's or music. I thought the basic black tee would be better though. He also normally wears a pair of brown cargo shorts. Soooo, his is kind of every day wear, but toned up down a bit.
Story's -- panda tee, rain boots- Walmart. floral shorts- Target.
Faith's -- green tank, blue pants- H&M (recent purchase) flats- Target. white blazer- Wet Seal (recent purchase) As you can tell, these leopard flats are my favorite shoes. They seem to go with almost everything I own.

My best advice for picking out family photos is try and find things that you feel comfortable in. Pieces that you wouldn't mind looking at for the rest of your lives :) Also, try not to be too matchy matchy. Find personal style for each family member and then pick items that work well together. 

Hope this helped. I can't wait for our photo session. Will post those pictures too :) :)

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