Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Some Exciting News

We have a pretty exciting event happening here in the Pike household. As you all know we've been having a bit of trouble with our upstairs neighbors. We've been in talks with the apartment management, and they've pulled through for us. We are moving to a top floor apartment in a different building!!!!!!!!! This is some of the best news ever!!! And, we get to move in on our anniversary. Can't think of a better gift. That means we have a little over three weeks to prepare. It's not a gigantic move, not like moving to a new state or anything, but it's a move regardless. We won't have to pack every little thing but we will have to box up our lives again. I'm not looking forward to that so much, but I am so thankful we are getting away from this building. Management has been wonderful through all of this. Those ladies are real life savers. I plan on putting together a thank you basket for them.

The best thing about this move (other than the obvious fact) is that it gives me a chance to really set up the apartment. When we moved into this unit we had only seen it through pictures. Now that we've lived here for a few months we really know what we want out of the spaces. It was like a trial run apartment. An issue that we have with this unit, and I'm assuming they are all the same, is that there are long base board heaters that are on every major wall. We didn't think much about it when we moved in, but now that summer is nearing the end (already!!!!!) We do have to take into account the heaters. I expect there to be furniture changes in the new unit.

These are just a few ideas I've had.


I really like the color of this bathroom. Ours is small, but I think this color, along with a gallery type, would add a bit of drama to an otherwise boring space. 

Bookshelf Decorating Ideas via 

When we moved the last time we finally had a space where we could add a few bookcases. I really like the storage they've given us, but they are so dark.... I really like the idea Diane came up with, by adding fabric wrapped cardboard to the back of the bookcases. The idea is not that different from my bathroom redo. I think adding a lighter fabric will really make all of the accessories pop. 


I really want to paint our front door. I haven't decided on the color yet. I guess it would depend of the furniture placement, because I want to paint stripes on one of the living room walls.

Kids’ room obsession 

And stripes in Story's room. She really wants them to be blue.


I want to add a loft bed in Story's room. I think it would add a lot more playing space for her. 

So, these are just a few things I'm hoping to add the next time around. I'm going to start packing this week, and I'm not too thrilled. Before I do, I have a few other projects I completed that I haven't had a chance to photograph. The lighting has been strange around here. 

Wish me luck! :)


  1. love all your ideas! exciting! xo

  2. I’m glad that the apartment’s management has granted your request to transfer to a different building. This will not only make your life more comfortable, but this can also give you the opportunity to decorate your place in accordance to the ideas that you really want, like what you posted in these pictures.
    Joachim Wang


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