Sunday, August 5, 2012

What We've Been Up To

Oh wow.... I can't believe it's been this long since I've blogged. That's probably the longest break I've taken. We've been pretty busy these past couple of weeks. It's been great, but I'm ready for the summer to be over and to be back on a somewhat normal schedule. My work has been crazy good, and is only going to get crazier and better. Jordan has been working an almost consistent 40 hours (which is a big deal at Target). We are almost back on our feet. The move put us pretty far behind in our finances. Further than we anticipated. So we've spent the past three months just trying to get on top of everything again. (That's part of the reason I haven't been blogging as much. Nothing extra to spend on house stuff.) But all of that is changing. So, if I can get my act together, be on the look out for house posts, and fashion ones as well. (cause I went to H&M for the first time!! :) )

The past few weeks we have spent with family. It's been a lot of fun. Even though we live in the same state, we don't see them as often as we'd like. All of our schedules are jammed packed.

First we had a visit from Jordan's Grandma and cousin. They came up to spend the afternoon with us.

We had lunch at Uno Chicago Grill. Story got to make her own pizza. She was really excited about it. Jordan and Grandma split a deep dish pizza. Though not as good as a real Chicago deep dish, they still liked it. I had a Gluten Free pepperoni pizza. I've had better, and will probably not order it again.

After lunch we went back to the apartment to enjoy an afternoon swim.

Later in the week we went to visit them all.We went after Jordan got home from work, so it was a late dinner and game night. We ended up spending the night and leaving first thing in the morning.

 The kids playing outside while dinner was finishing up. Then after our meal and dessert we all got out the cards and played a couple of rounds of Hand and Foot. It was my first time playing.


We wrapped up  the family time by taking a two day mini vacation in downtown Indy. Jordan's family from Virginia were visiting. So everyone decided to stay in a hotel near us so we could spend as much time together before they had to head home.

On Thursday we went to the Indianapolis Zoo. We all had a blast! It was Story's fist time ever to a zoo and my first time at this one. There was so much to see and do. I swear we were there for close to seven hours. We all took a bunch of pictures.

Story was the map reader for most of the visit. But we didn't exactly follow her directions. Mostly because she can't read, and all she wanted to do was go see the bats. Not sure where the fascination with bats came from, but it stayed all day.

Story was tall enough to ride on the coaster. It was her first time on one. She sat in front of me with Jordan. He said she really enjoyed it. 

After the Zoo we all went our separate ways to get cleaned up. We then had a late dinner at The Greek Island Restaurant. We were too busy eating to take any pictures. We ended the night at the hotel playing cards.

Then on Friday we went to visit the Indianapolis MotorSpeedway Hall Of Fame.

After the museum we had a late lunch at Weber Grill. It was an okay restaurant. I got the Kettle Burger with a Gluten Free bun. Not my favorite. And because there are so many other restaurants in that general area, I would probably not go again. It was a great location for us, we were able to visit the Circle Centre Mall. We had an hour time limit so I wasn't able to do much damage, other than get a few things at H&M (can't wait to show you!!) 

That rounded out our mini vacation. Things are getting back to normal around here. It was so much fun getting to spend that much time with so many awesome people. Really wish we were able to see them more often. 

Next on our list of summer fun is a visit to the Indiana State Fair and hopefully a trip to DCI Finals. And maybe a visit from Dad and Diana thrown in there (if they ever get here ;)

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