Sunday, September 23, 2012

New Couch, New Space

I've been holding out on you. Before we moved we bought a new sectional couch! We didn't really need a new couch. But the price was right and we jumped on it. The couch is bigger than our old one. Since we've had it it's been kind of a pain. We really like it, but it was just too big.

(instagram photo)

You can't tell very clearly from this photo, but the length made it a tight fit to get past the chair on the left. It also made the passage between the book cases into the dining room difficult unless you we're going single file.

Once we knew for sure we were moving I started getting all sorts of ideas on how I would do the rooms differently. Turns out, the layout we had really does work best. But I was determined to make the sectional work for us. I mean, it's four separate pieces! Who says it has to be just like that?! (my husband) But, I came up with a solution for most of our seating needs. And, there is room to walk around :)

 I took one of the middle pieces and just added it it the end. I know it doesn't have an arm rest, but I figured it would be okay. Especially because the sides come up so far anyway. The middle is now centered with the entertainment center. In an ideal house, we would have a living room and then a family room. Giving me space to entertain without the TV being the center of attention. But, that's a few years away. Realistically, the TV is the center of attention in our house. Jordan and I work opposite schedules, so what little bit of quality time we get is usually spent vegging out in front of the TV.

We really like the new sectional. Each seat has it's own storage underneath. Living in a tiny apartment, every little bit of storage we can get our hands on is like the greatest thing ever.

I shopped around the house a bit to come up with another end table. I felt like that end of the couch needed it's own table. That was the ottoman didn't get too crowded.

I switched out the chairs as well. This floral monster was (covered) in the bedroom. I traded it with the rocking chair that was out here before. I've had this chair for about four years now and I've loved it the whole time. It is super comfortable but so massive that I haven't had a spot to put it. It's always ended up in the bedroom, pretty much as a catch all.

I turned the chair to face the couch instead of towards the bookcases. They are more included with my office.

I really like the feel of the living room now. It's like it's all connected now. That we could have people over and they could all sit down and have a nice conversation. There is still so much that needs to be done, just in this corner. I'm not even going to think about the rest of the house for a moment. But, it's all decoration now. The "bones" are placed.

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  1. looks...GREAT!(as always)xo

  2. What a good idea! I love it!.... and really, having no arm rest on that end just makes it easier to put a drink down on the little side table anyway!

  3. Small spaces do create unique challenges but it looks like you are managing it all very nicely. Love the lines of the new sofa and I really like that it has storage too. Who wouldn't love that??? :D Thanks for sharing this week on BeColorful.


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