Thursday, September 20, 2012

So, I'm A Blonde. {The Evolution Of Hair pt.2}

That's right. On Tuesday I decided to take the plunge and finally rid my life of the horrible black hair. Let me do a little refresher of what I was dealing with.

For a long time, it looked like this. Basic natural color, average length.

And then I cut it all off after I colored it black. I honestly thought it would be an easy fix. I was really wrong.... Over a year later and I was still dealing with the dreaded black. I had gone to a hair stylist and she said the best thing to do is let it grow out while gradually coloring it lighter each time. I tried that for a few months, but it was torture. Before we moved she striped all the color in hopes that it would lighten a bit.

It worked for about all of a day.  Then all of that glorious light-ness went away.

Literally the next day..........

Then we moved, life happened. You know. I didn't think much about my hair. Until I was in Target and came across...

It claimed that it could lighten even the darkest hair. I was sold! I bough a box and set to work. I followed the instructions and started with a test strip. After 90 minutes I had a strip of hair that had white blonde roots and copper end. Not bad. Not blonde, but not bad. At least it wasn't black. So, I took the rest of the product and just did the bottom half of my hair, with a few chunky pieces throughout. I was getting there.

That lasted about a month. Then on Tuesday, I decided WHY NOT? Why not just do it? Why not just rid myself of the black for good? So I did.

It is by no means perfect. There are a lot of root spots that I missed. The color isn't even either. But that's okay. Mainly because I don't want to be a blonde. After a while I'm going to go over it with a light brown. But for now, I'm having a pretty good time as a blonde :)

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