Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Another Office Update

I know, I just did an office update not more than two weeks ago. But I just had to share again. We went to a local antique mall over the weekend and came across the best print. At first I wasn't sure where we'd put it. Once we got it home I knew the perfect spot! Right in my office! Right where I just hung a gallery wall.... So, I had to change the whole thing again.

Here is a before shot. The office was really coming together and I was really liking the eclectic feel of it.

I knew I wanted to expand it but was holding out for more prints. So glad that I did. because this big fellow is totally worth it.

Isn't he a beaut? It's a print on cardboard. Wish it were a real painting. But if it was I doubt I would have gotten it for $20. There is a bit of water damage in the top right corner. I don't think you can tell too much. The frame is a great color, but not the sturdiest wood.

The big print is the only new thing. Everything else I had on hand, just waiting to be added.

I haven't decided if I want to continue the gallery wall along the top of the bookcases. I have plans for the blank wall right next to them (I'd show you a picture but that area still has boxes...)

The black floral vase is also new. The tall glass vase and cherry blossoms were centerpieces at our wedding.

I'm so excited with how this little area is coming together. It makes me want to finish our family gallery wall in black frames.

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  1. Wow! First...I love the new different from van gogh but somehow goes so well together. I love the different sizes...they look like one unit....and those white swans...OMG! I love those...thifted? I definitely think u should keep going above the bookcases...maybe a themed grouping...shaped frames....some of the best parts of some of your favorite books, enlarged and framed? Just some ideas....but I think it would be a good way to keep the look flowing.
    What a great space!

    1. Thanks! :) I'll have to just wait and see how it feels. I don't want to rush into putting anything there yet. Also, where we have the family gallery wall in black is where I'm putting the Christmas tree, so it might be too much going on this season. But who knows!

  2. Very cool gallery wall! I love how you pieced it together from all different {and thrifty!} sources. Thanks for sharing!

    ~Abby =)

    1. Thanks! It's been so much fun hunting for pieces that work with it!

  3. Love the expansion of the gallery wall! Such a happy place to work!


  4. Hi, I was re-visiting your link at Thrifty Decor Chick's April 1, 2013 (I think that's the date) party about your library nook in your master bedroom. I had posted a comment on that cozy lovely space in March. Anyway, I saw this link, so I clicked on it because I was curious to see what kind of changes you had made to your "office" area in your living room. I totally like how your put your gallery wall together after you added the large print. I don't care if it's a print on cardboard, although I agree, an oil painting, pastel, acrylics or even watercolor if it's not faded, that would be soooo cool! But they often cost a lot of $$$. What counts is that you love it because when you love something you will always find a way to work it into your decorating mix, and it will make you smile whenever you see it. That's what our personal spaces, our sanctuaries, if you will, should always do for us -- make us smile, bring us joy and peace. The world can be, to quote the song "a bad place, a very bad place to live" -- we need our sacred places/spaces, to revive and renew us. I'm glad to see you've tried your own hand at painting an abstract or two :) I dabbled in watercolors about 15 years ago, not realizing at the time (until I did some studying on the subject) that is the hardest medium to use for beginning painters. LOL! No wonder it was an epic fail! Although I did do a couple of pieces that I like very much. I must try my hand at acrylics on canvas, need to get to JoAnn Fabrics to pick up some supplies! Anyway, back to topic, adding the print on the wall above the top of the bookcase and extending your gallery all across your desk wall really balances things out beautifully, I think. And I love the touches you added -- the mirrors (always love mirrors) AND the little dress purse (is that an antique?) Good sense of rhythm and balance. Beautifully done. Wish I could do the same with mine!


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