Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Story's Room {First Look}

I've finally taken the time to get Story's room in working order. We've been in our new apartment for about two months now, and in the state for seven?! months. It's about time I got on it. I will admit, her room intimidates me. There is so much I want to cram in there, that the sheer volume of toys overwhelms me. She's a borderline hoarder. Since we don't have a playroom, her room has to serve as a bedroom and playroom.

She still has a lot of the same toys, but we did decide to get rid of a few things. The biggest being her Princess Play Kitchen. She hasn't really used it since we moved, even though it was easy to access in her new/old room.

The new apartment has the same layout. But since the arrangement I had before wasn't working very well, I decided to try it a different way. I wanted to focus on the important things, things that she played with most, and tried to make getting a few other things more difficult. 

What started the whole redo was a new bedspread. She's really into everything blue, and as you can tell in the above photos, her quilt was pink. Once we picked out the new comforter, things just kind of went off from there.

The other big thing we added were proper curtains. I had added some in the old apartment, and there were some in our old house, but she decided to tear down the rod this last time. After a very sad discussion I have her word that she will not tear these down. See that only one of the shades are drawn? Yeah, I broke the other one not more than a week after we moved in... SO! Now she has curtains. I've had a set of these panels for a while now. We had them in our first living room and then again in our first apartment. This time around I felt like they matched Story's style better. I picked up the second set the last time we went to Ikea

Story helped me make the bed and decided which pillows should go where. The white and black pillow has the same pattern as the reverse side of the comforter. I like how it all ties in together. The lamp was a recent find at Target. The nighstand is one that we've had for a while now, but haven't had a place to put. It is far away from the bed on purpose. This way a certain little miss can't play with it during her nap ;)

Her new favorite thing is the bookcase. Her old one was broken in the move so I "loaned" her this one until we could find her a big enough one. She loves to read and is so excited to have all of her books unpacked finally. 

This corner is my least favorite area. I don't know what to do with her stuffed animals. I wanted to put them in her closet but there just wasn't enough room. She plays with almost all of them. 

Speaking of her closet.

Almost all of her toys fit nicely behind those doors. I would show you photos of it, but it's not ready. Not that her room is ready, but it's less ready than her room. Make sense?

Which brings me to my next topic : List of things left to do.

1. hang shelves
2. hang gallery wall
3. get a new book case/ paint old book case
4. hang mirror in dress up area
5. paint stripes or polka dots on one wall

I'm sure there is more, but that's the list as of now. I really want to get the shelves up so we can display all of her cute little treasures.

I hope to show you some progress soon.

In the meantime, have a Happy Thanksgiving!!

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  1. Soooooo Cute! You"ve done a fabulous job! With the stuffed animals....What about some shelves on each side of her tv...? She could set some of them out and change them whenever.....or just put up 2 on each side so they all fit?
    Anyways the room looks great!


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