Monday, July 11, 2011

Mello Yellow Sofa Table

Here it is! This is the project it has taken me way to long to complete. I found this little baby at Habitat ReStore in Monroe. It wasn't in the best shape but I got it for a pretty good deal. I decided to paint it yellow because it would tie in the rest of the colors in the living room. And no, I will not post pictures of the living room. It is no where near ready to be seen. It's a disaster... But you can see the couch. :) Also, the sofa table is not done. I'm going to put some backing on it, probably white. And the things on it are just stuff I had laying around. Whenever I get into the attic I'm sure I have a ton of stuff to use. If not, it's off to the thrift stores :) Or Ikea.... :) :) :)

Here is what I started with. It was really rickety, so I tried fixing it up a bit. It's still really unstable but I couldn't help but paint it, now.

After the sanding.  I didn't do the best job, but that's because I knew I was going to prime it.

Primed and ready. I used spray paint this time. This was a first for me. Usually I just get a can of paint and jump right in. But I wanted to get better at spray painting.

Here we have it. Kitty doesn't like the smell of it. Haha :)

It's not the greatest sofa table, but it works for us. And it fit into our budget. It's really narrow, which is great because we have like NO room in the living room. I look forward to getting it completely finished and then decorated. I will have an updated picture when I post about the living room. Which is not anywhere in the near future. There is so much that needs to be done in here that it's no where near the top of my list.

Thanks for checking it out! Let me know what you think of the color or what I could put on it :)

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  1. I love it!! You are sooooooo cute and talented. :)

  2. :) Thanks!! It was fun to make. I'm terrible at spray painting though.... It looks kind of bad up close :)


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