Thursday, July 7, 2011

Goodbye Dear Friend

Our dryer broke... It's been a sad few days in our household. It broke about 3 days ago. Jordan tried to fix it today. It didn't go very well. He took it all apart, and then couldn't get it back together again. (This sort of thing NEVER happens. He is always able to at least put things back together, even if he can't fix them) So, he called a few repair places. Turns out it's going to cost us more to fix the old dryer than it would be to buy a new (new to us) one. We're trying to figure out what to do with the old one now, and how to get the new one here. The old one is out back. I think I'm going to get crafty with it, maybe turn it into a plant holder or something. The drum is really neat looking. I might spray paint it and turn it into a stool, or table, or something.

See? Isn't it cool?? It has potential.

Tomorrow we are going to start shopping around. But before we do that, we have to do some laundry. I have work clothes that need to be done, like yesterday. I feel so out of it, not having the dryer there. There is a big empty space in the kitchen now. Story keeps walking by it and shaking her head. I bet I'm doing the same thing.
Because we have this unexpected expense, all shopping trips are off. It's been a really sad day... I'm going to just have to get crafty with the things that I have.

On a different note : : : Kitty is back inside!!!!! She had been out on the screened-in front porch for a little over a month now. We had fleas. We had fleas really bad. I still have nightmares.... But they're gone, for now. And kitty gets to be inside, for now.

Wish us luck on dryer buying :) :) 

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  1. Sorry about the dryer. :( Something will come up for you. I love the drum/table idea. :) I love that you have let Kitty come back in - she looks so happy. :) I love that you have a positive attitude even when it gets tough. I love you.

  2. We started looking. I found one today that was only $65. But we're not sure how to get it to the house. Still looking though. Love you too :)

  3. Look how creative you are, deciding how to reuse a dryer!


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