Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Coffee Love

Our coffee machine broke about a week ago. It's made for very stressful times. We finally went to the Habitat ReStore in Matthews and picked up a (new to us) one. It was on sale so we paid $5.00 for it. Not too bad :) It's smaller than our old one. And I think it looks nicer too.

Before we moved, I had a really nice little black one that I loved. But when we had to move my entire 2 bedroom house in 8 hours, I wasn't able to clean the coffee out. And then it sat in storage for another 6 months. Um, yuck. Luckily Jordan had one that he brought with him, and that's what we've been using for the past 10 months. We're sad to see it go but I'm very delighted with the new one.

So now we have a nice little coffee maker!

The list of broken items to be replaced has shortened. :) :)

---- Side note :: We have ordered the heating element for our dryer. It's been shipped. So I hope we get it really soon!!!! So tired of drying our clothes on random objects around the house.----

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  1. Yay for Coffee! So glad you appreciate it too! I think your new one looks nice! I love your kitchen!


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