Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Story's Big Girl Room Redo

I decided to turn Story's closet into a book nook.

The closet had ended up being a catch all (remember, I shove everything in the closets) for loose toys, things taken away, and clothes. It's not a very big closet and I was having a hard time getting to the clothes. I hate laundry enough as it is...

So, I thought it would be a simple change. All I had to do was take everything out, clean it, put the bookcase in there and plug in a lamp. Simple enough. Ha

Got everything out. Realized there was a LOT of stuff in there.

My trusted helper. She kept telling me where to put things.

This was what I was going to put in the closet. I thought it would be a perfect fit. Naturally, it was about a 1/4 in too big. I did wanted to scream. I pushed on though. I was too far gone in the project.

I took the door off the closet. That way Story can't shut herself in. It was actually really hard to do. The joints had been painted at least 7 times. I had to scrape off all the gunk to get to the pin. Story kept telling me I was doing it wrong. Of course she had her own screw driver, digging around in there as well.

I don't have any in-between pictures. Mostly because I was pulling my hair out at the time. And I didn't finish in the time I thought I would. I started the project right after nap time and didn't stop for the night until an hour after bed time. Then I started first thing in the morning and managed to finally finish (almost) before work.

Here it is! I have a little lamp in the corner. I will get a smaller book case next month. That way it can face opposite the chair. The TV isn't plugged in yet either. I plan on putting curtains over the door way. I want her to have a bit of privacy.

I moved things around about 10 times. The room is just so tiny, and Story has so MUCH stuff.

I was able to make her a dress up corner. It's her favorite spot now. She wants to be a fire fighter girl. She has a little helmet that she'll put on.

So, here is a look at what I've done.




  1. This is absolutely adorable! Love it! You did a great job!!!!!!

  2. Wow! Good thing you had all that pint-sized expert help!

  3. The book nook is so cute. You both did a great job cleaning everything up!


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