Sunday, July 3, 2011

Thriftin' It Up

Hey all! What a great Sunday! I had the day off so Jordan, Story and I decided to check out a few stores and grab a bite to eat. We had lunch/dinner at the New Zealand Cafe. Great sushi. I remembered to bring my own soy sauce, and they offered me real crab meat instead if imitation. After food we checked out the 2 Goodwill stores near us. It was a lot of fun. Story found a few books and Jordan got 2 copies of "Spirited Away". He found a VHS at the first store and then a DVD at the other. We watched it today. My first time seeing it. What a great movie. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it.

So, I have been on a Van Gogh kick lately. I have my moms to blame :) I found this at Goodwill today and I knew I had to have it. It cost a little more than I wanted to spend ($6.99) but it's worth it. This is a print we didn't have before. Our Wal-Mart was selling $1.00 prints, and they had a few Van Gogh. 

I found this at the other Goodwill. It was a good day. I have plans to put these on our shelves, the ones that will go in the kitchen. Oh yeah, taking a trip to Ikea on Friday with Bekah! Can't wait. I made a special list :)

Other than Van Gogh I found this neat...... plate holder? Knic-Knac display? I don't know what it is, or what I'm going to do with it. I know that I want to paint it, possibly white. And maybe put it above the bed? I'll come up with something, sooner or later.

I have also been working in the bedroom. I have a handful of small dressers that JP and I have been using. These things are forever old, have been used for all sorts of things, and have been a ton of different colors. I got sick of them being a mish-mash of colors, so I decided to paint them all a purple/brown. It's been an extremely slow process. I have all of mine done, except for 2 more drawers. Then I have to do the one on Jordan's side. A TV is on it and I can't pick the thing up. So his dresser will be last. 

Here is the work in progress. I ran out of matching knobs so those 3 will stay brown. I really like this color. Our bedroom has earthy tones, mixed in with some deep purple, and black and gray swirls. It's awesome in there and easily my favorite room. When I finish with the dressers I will do a post on the before and after.

This is a sneak peek. My side of the bed :) You can see the mixture of colors. It's all coming together really well. I can't wait to finish the dressers. Then all I will have to do is hang up a shelf for JP. That way he has the space to put up all of his Halo Mega Blocks :) :)

Not a lot going on this week. I'm enjoying my time off, and the holiday tomorrow. Happy 4th everyone!

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