Monday, June 4, 2012

Indiana House Tour

I've given you two {first looks} at the apartment so far. First being the kitchen  and then the living room . I thought about continuing this through every room of the house, but a grand tour won out. I had a push to get the house put together in time for my dad's visit. I took pictures of the apartment then, but most of them were blurry. Not sure what's been going on with my camera, but almost every picture I take is blurry and has an extreme blue tent to it. I guess the camera is on it's way out. I've had it for almost four years now.... My new (ish now) camera is nice but has to be on a tripod or the pictures will be blurry as well. Maybe I just have really shaky hands? :/ Anyway, he stayed for a few days and then I needed a couple more days to get everything put back together. The in laws came for a visit on Memorial day so I had an extra clean house. I decided to snap a few more pictures (and then several more to make sure they weren't blurry)

Though the apartment is far from being completed, I would say most spaces are about 50% of the way done, here is a look into our new apartment!

This is the view as you first walk in the door. Kid at the table and all :) To the extreme right of the door, and behind, is the foyer. I haven't had a chance to work on this part of the room yet. In another picture you will get to see the space better. Also in the right is my office. Right now I only have a desk and shelf set up. On the far wall is the library.

To the left of the door is the other half of the library. I love being able to sit in my rocker and look at the bookcases. This wall also houses our not-yet-done gallery wall. In the corner is the living room.

I've already showed a lot of pictures of the living room. The only change is the added curtains. They were the same ones used in our old living room.  So I'm not going to dwell in this area. Please, pay no mind to the boxes behind the couch. We are on the hunt for a sofa table, but in the mean time the boxes are holding up our surround sound.

Wide view of most of the areas previously mentioned. From left to right :: library, office, foyer, library cont., living room. The mirror turned sideways will be the start of the foyer. The pictures and shelf will be next to that and will flow into my office area.

This is a better shot, though still not a good one, of the corner between the library and office. This is the view from the end of the couch.

Moving on. Behind the couch and past the library wall is the dining room. This area hold our stand alone pantry and coffee bar. This picture says progress because in our old house we didn't have room for a dining room table. After we moved we started looking for one, and had a really hard time finding one. Right before my dad visited we bought a table and then found one chair. He went out the next day he was here and bought us a new (to us) table with four matching chairs!! (he's awesome) So the old table and lone chair made their way out to the porch. Which worked out because we didn't have anything out there.

This is the new set. Excuse the ladder.... But I can finally reach all the way to the ceiling. Things are getting done around here! The window, which is our door to the patio, is still bare. I only had one set of panels. Since Ikea is not right around the corner >:( it will have to stay bare for a bit longer. I really like the look of the chairs. I haven't decided if I will let them be or try to paint them. Jordan is still against painting wood. So we'll see.

This is the view from the kitchen. I didn't realize how small the space was until we got a full dining set in there. Granted, it's small because we added the stand alone pantry and coffee bar. But we had to. There is no counter space and the built in pantry has three, yes three, shelves. Two of which I couldn't reach very well. And the reason for that is because the bottom part of the pantry had to be covered up to hold the dishwasher. Which was okay at first, but the thing doesn't work. So it's just taking up a lot of space.

You've seen the kitchen before. But you haven't seen it fully painted. Well, almost fully painted. There is one long wall that I haven't tackled yet. I didn't pull the stove or fridge out so there is an awkward line around them.

I haven't shown this side in a while. Added a magnetic strip and moved the knife block over. The kitchen is small, but it has potential.

Down the hall, first door on the right, is the main bath. I really liked the shower curtain when I was in the store, but once I got it home I realized how grungy it made the whole room feel. I guess I assumed the walls were white, when they are in fact cream. I'm thinking about painting it, but a charcoal color. The towels don't match either. We're getting there :)

Jordan's office is on the left, and is the first bedroom. It's a little ways past the bathroom. The hallway is pretty long. Just one quick picture.

At the end of the hall and to the left is Story's bedroom. It is slightly larger than Jordan's office. Her room is still a mess, even though this is the cleanest it's been since we moved in.

I had curtains up but she decided to pull on them and the entire rod came out of the wall.

Her gallery wall is in the beginning stage. I have several more frames I would like to add. The shelves are the same from her old room. They have special books, books that she isn't big enough for, and lots of special items. The shoe poking out on the right is from the wedding. Her Aunt Mary made the three stuffed animals.

Her room has the biggest closet! It's twice as deep as the others. The reason her room is still a mess is because in the move we had to leave behind a lot of stuff. Her storage system being one of them. She has the cube system from Target. I've thought about buying them again, but I don't want to spend another $60. I have big plans for her room though.

At the end of the hall and to the right is the master bedroom. It's pretty much gigantic. There is so much room, I don't know what to do with it. 

This room has had the least amount of work put into it. I need to buy a few more pieces to really fill the room in. Also in the bedroom is a fairly sized half bath. I don't have any pictures of it. Mainly because it has all of the dirty clothes and more boxes. Once I get it all cleared out it will have a good amount of room in it as well.

Here is a view from the end of the hall towards the living room. Hall closet on the immediate left. Half of it is for storage, boxes that still need to be unpacked, and random items. The other half houses the litter box. The shelf on top has all of our holiday decorations. Jordan's office is on the immediate right. Bathroom next door on the left and the last, small, door on  the left is the built in pantry.

There is so much I would like to do, in every room of the house. I would say the kitchen is the closest to being done, and I still have an entire wall to paint. I keep forgetting this fact, but we've only been in the house for about six weeks. :)

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  1. You could move your office into the bedroom to free up some space in the living room and fill up some space in the large master. Just an idea :)

    1. I thought about doing that, but I use the office space very frequently, and I feel that if it was in the bedroom I would be detached from the rest of the family.

  2. Thanks for showing off your house!! I love your gallery wall!! The kitchen looks great - are you going to paint the last wall the same color?

    I'm so glad you found me at Romance on a dime and linked up!! I hope to see you next Tuesday. I'm pinning this and going to check out your other posts.

  3. Oh fun, I love house tours! Looks like it's coming along nicely! And you know, it will never be DONE!


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