Sunday, November 6, 2011

Checked Off The List

I finally got around to hanging panels for one of the windows in the living room. The other window is in a difficult spot for me to reach. For the window I just did I had to stack 2 stools to reach it. Oh the joys of being small.

The panels are Eivor from Ikea. I really like the little details on them. I wasn't originally going to go with such a bold print, but when I saw them I had a feeling they would work well in our space. When I was at Target the other day I stumbled upon this brown pillow and thought it would match well also.

I'm sure you can't tell, but it has a bark pattern similar to that of the panels.

We already had the blue panels. I've just left them layered for now. I have plans to add bamboo shades instead of the venetian blinds. I think they will pull the room together more. The window is slightly open for the cat. She gets to go in and out onto the screened in porch.

The room is finally starting to come together. Of course, as soon as I mark things off the to-do list I add a few more. I guess it's a never ending process.

The items in red are new :)

* Hang curtain rods on 2 remaining windows * Hang one curtain rod
* Purchase 2 more panels for small window
* Hang panels for all windows * Hang panels for small window
* Fill rest of frames
* Pick out frames for the rest of the gallery wall
* Hang new frames
* Stuff new pillows already purchased
* Pick out and buy 3 new pillows * Pick out and buy 2 new pillows
* Find navy blue throw blanket
* Fix space behind couch
* Paint lamp shade in a chevron print
* Hang panels in JP area?
* Hang shelf
* Add floor pillows for Story
* Small table for beside door
* Add bamboo shade

Progress :) :)

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  1. Looking Great...Question....What type of chair would you replace your rocker with?

  2. faith! this is gorgeous! you're doing a great job. i have to ask. how do you make the cross outs in blogger? like when you are crossing out something you've done?

  3. Ashlee, there is a button at the top, next to the fonts and all that junk. Thanks :)


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