Tuesday, November 1, 2011

What I Wore # 4

Back again for week 4! Hard to believe I've kept this up.

I've tried something a little different this week. When I first started doing this I wanted to take more traditional self portraits. But I'm terrible at that. After 3 weeks of mediocre pictures that were almost blurry (sometimes completely blurry) I decided that I would take these shots my way. Hope you like these better.

Tank- so old the tag has worn off 
Button Up- Derek Heart

Shorts- Old Navy
Shoes- Union Bay

Don't mind the chipped polish. And my weird knee? 

Necklace- Gift from my Mother In Law

Earrings- These were handmade for me by a lovely lady, several years ago. I don't know if she reads my blog or not but, Beth M. I still have them :)

T-shirt- Chinese Love
Cardigan- Old Navy

This is one of my favorite sweaters. I love the color. Gray and black are my 2 standards. Aside from the color I really like the little detailed flowers. It gives the sweater a more feminine look.

Earrings- Gift

Yes, there are 3 holes in my ear. Only one is fully open, and I can only figure out which it is every so often. The other ear is just fine. I think it looks like Mickey Mouse.

Jeans- Vanity
Shoes- Mossimo

I love Vanity jeans. They are a store brand. Cute store, not sure if they're all over or if it's just a Midwest thing. (I'm from Indiana) These jeans have a more relaxed fit. They are actually getting too big. No complaints there though. My hand is weird, sorry. And the shoes. You will probably see repeat shoes all the time. I LOVE shoes but I have a really hard time finding them. 

Bracelets- Kohls

How do you like my chin? It's about the only thing I get a picture of :)

Blazer- Miley Cyrus for Walmart
Dress- Piper & Blue

Tights- No Boundaries
Boots- Mossimo

Bracelets- Kohls and Children of the World
Ring- Native America reservation

Earring- Hoppe Jewelers

This is just one earring. It's similar to a cuff and goes up the ear. I have a few pair of these and I always enjoy wearing them. Most of the time you can't see them because my hair is down. But they still make me feel special :)

More my hair curly. It's always fun to wear it this way. Makes me feel like my head is twice the size though.

Infinity Scarf- Walmart
Wrap- No Boundaries
Long Sleeve- American Eagle

Jeans- Old Navy

Monday was my birthday. Officially 23. 

Spider Man
The Black Widow

Jordan is always Spider Man. I went as the Black Widow to match Story's costume.

Because my beautiful little girl went as Iron Man. Tony Stark when the mask was off. We like to keep things authentic around here. 

Hope you like these pictures better than the previous weeks. I'm going birthday shopping later this week so I will have some really good outfits to show you :)

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  1. Oh my gosh, so cute! You look hot lady! And your little cutie as Iron Man/Tony Stark? LOVE!

  2. Love these photos - so much personality!!

    Your hair is really nice curly. And your outfits are cute, too. I like your earring that is like a cuff. That's unexpected!


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