Monday, November 21, 2011

What I Wore # 7

Oh boy. Tomorrow is Thanksgiving! And then it's Black Friday...... Not the best time in our household. JP works at Target. They have him working sooooo much. I'm very proud of him :) On top of it being Black Friday and the busiest day of the year, my wonderful Husband turns 25!!!!!!!!!! We both have to work all weekend so we're hoping to celebrate on Sunday.

I'm so ready to start thinking about Christmas. We have a list for Story already made and we are slowly crossing items off. We're at 3 of like 25 :) I'm also making a list of all the things I would like to get done before the in-laws visit. Putting a deadline on all this is going to be a challenge. Between now and Christmas JP and I are going to be rocked at work....

On to the clothes. Busy busy week, so not very many clothes. I already did a WIW Pinterest Style this week. So, that's one outfit out.

scarf- gift. sweater- Target. tee- Route 66. cords- Loft. shoes- Mossimo.

I really wish you could see them better, but I'm wearing brown corduroy pants. They are thrifted but originally from Ann Taylor Loft. They are petites and are the perfect length. I don't normally wear brown. Mostly because I don't know how to pair it with other colors. Rust and navy are not really stepping out of the box, but it's progress.

necklace- gift. It's made from paper beads. 

So old there are no tags, and no memory. jeans- Fragile, I want to say from PacSun. They are at least 6 years old.

I wore this outfit for my husband. When we first met (2006) I was a Senior in high school. I, like majority of the youth in America, was going through a punk stage. I wore a lot of reds and blacks. My make- up was dark and I wore lots of layers. After I had Story I went into full mommy mode. I'm starting to come out of it and get my style back. I really like this outfit, even all these years later (wore it for the first time in 2003!) It doesn't feel "punky" to me, just slightly unusual.

So, that's it for the outfits this week. We will all have coordinating outfits for tomorrow. I'll be sure to get lots of pictures :) Hope you all have a great holiday. See you tomorrow for a late edition of Thursday Threads!

:) :)

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  1. I love the black & red outfit...esp with your haircolor. And I remember the portrait where u were wearing that!


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