Thursday, November 17, 2011

Thursday Threads

I've been digging all of the great fashion on Pinterest. I thought I would share with you a few of the styles I hope to try. As I add more pieces to my wardrobe I will start doing a side by side of the outfits :)

Here we go ::

Pinned Image

I really like the care free look of this outfit. I'm a sucker for wrap skirts. I'm unfortunately too short to wear them well, but a girl can dream. Flowing sweaters are something I have always been attracted too. Ah, and the shoes. They look so comfortable!


Pinned Image

Look at that neck! So cozy yet chic. That scarf is amazing. I really like all of the different colors. And the mixed patterns between the scarf and the coat. I really need to attempt to mix patterns. I always chicken out and change last minute.


Pinned Image

Although this is a more summer style I think it could be worn year round. Not the tank alone though :) These sunglasses look great on her face type. Do you have a hard time finding sunglasses that fit your face? I do. I go big and I'm not convinced it's the best look for me. 


Pinned Image

I have been buying shirts like this lately. I love that they are flowing but still form fitting. These pants, ahhh :) I don't know what cut they are, but I want a pair just like them.


Pinned Image

When I first pinned this I thought it was the coolest thing ever. The hair is just perfect. I always wish I could have body like this. I want it, but I don't want to get all the product and take the time. So I have flat hair :) Again with the glasses, they look great on her facial structure. I don't think I could pull off that short of a shirt with tights. Mom hips and all. I do really like the sweater, scarf, boot combination. 

So, a look into what I would like my style to be. I am a work in progress. And that's okay :)

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  1. very them the laying...mixing and matching. And I can c how u can wear one piece that is form fitting and the another that is flowing. I think that balances the look....very cool indeed.....


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